Higher Recovery Rate: Over 50 percent Patients Recovered in Bengaluru

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On Friday morning, the citizens of Bengaluru were presented with a piece of good news as more than 50 percent of people who were tested positive have recovered successfully from COVID-19 in the city. It is an encouraging sign for the state of Karnataka in its fight against the COVID-19.

Bengaluru has been one of the two major hotspots in the state and also has the highest number of cases in the state with 76 confirmed cases as of 17th April. According to the data released by the state health officials, 35 people in the city have successfully recovered from the COVID-19 disease and has returned home. The state has also recorded three unfortunate deaths.


Higher Recovery Rate

The city’s recovery rate of COVID-19 is higher than that of the other two major cities in the country – Delhi, and Mumbai. While Delhi has seen only 3 percent recoveries, Mumbai is slightly better at 10 percent. Although, the cases in these two cities are much higher than in Bengaluru. The state deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwath Narayana spoke about the recovery rate and said,

“The recovery rate is a silver lining for frontline healthcare professionals engaged in containing the viral spread. This is also an indication of the right treatment protocols that have been put in place by Karnataka.”

Bengaluru coronavirus
Courtesy: The Hindu

Out of the 35 recovered people, 11 of them required less than 14 days and the rest 24 took 14 to 26 days to recover. While some officials say the average recovery period is 24 days, the experts say that it varies from person to person. The patient who is tested positive for the novel coronavirus is tested again only after 14 days. If the patient tests negative twice in the span of 24 hours, the patient is discharged and declared as recovered. As per the administrator of Victoria Hospital, a dedicated COVID-19 hospital, most of the cases the hospital has seen are of asymptomatic people.

Another reason for Bengaluru’s recovery rate has been its efficient isolation of people. Over a lakh people had returned to the city from abroad since the outbreak and the city has been successful in containing the cases to 315.


Source: The Times of India