Hidden Gem: Located Just 60 KM Away from Bengaluru, Nijagal Betta is An Amazing Place You Can Travel To

nijagal betta

If you are a Bengalurean, you must always have at least five-six weekend getaway spot prospects drafted in your notebook. Of course, Nandi Hills will star in this list, but if you have already been there (which you definitely would have), then there is a new option we would like to add to the menu.

Nijagal Betta

Located around 60 kilometers away from Bengaluru, Nijagal Betta is an extremely underexplored and underrated destination. While most of the similar spots around the city are always populated, Nijagal Betta is one site where you would find fewer people, and hence, more peace.


Finding this place is kinda easy. While you can enter Dabbaspet on your G-maps, once you arrive at the Bangalore-Tumkur road, there is a Kamat (the second in the same road) and a CCD, which will serve as the landmarks. There is a small passing underneath a railway track, and that should be sufficient to get to the foothills.

So, what’s special here?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, the lack of human beings here could be a big plus. Hence, we suggest you pick the trek members accordingly, keeping in mind the mild safety concerns.

Next up, Nijagal Betta is right for moderate trekkers, and the full-on trek-freaks might not enjoy completely. Nevertheless, with an extremely beautiful sunset point at the top, Nijagal Betta is a good option for everyone.


nijagal betta
Photo credits: Akarsha Kamala

The pay off for the 30-minute trek will be a Temple and a Dargah, both located at the top. On the way, you could enjoy the carvings on the rocks, and also take a good look at the fort ruins. A ruined temple in the middle of the fort is also a fine ‘photoshoot’ spot.

There are plenty of monkeys to keep you company, and unfortunately, the place has been ill-maintained, something that could hinder your experience. Well, that’s the only minus, and hence, Nijagal Betta can still be enjoyable if you can hold your breath for a couple of seconds.

Source: Tripadvisor