Hero Movie Review: This ‘Blood And Laughter’ Combo Is A Must-Watch At The Theatres

Rishab Shetty’s much-awaited film Hero has hit the screens on March 5th. Shot entirely during the pandemic with confined resources, Hero has been bankrolled by Rishab Shetty Films. Directed by debutante Bharath Raj, B Ajaneesh Loknath has scored the music while Arvind Kashyap has handled the camera. Ganavi Laxman and Pramod Shetty also feature in this film.

What is ‘Hero’ all about?

As registered in the trailer, this film is set in the surroundings of a don’s house, which is located in interior Karnataka. Rishab plays a barber who wants to kill his ex-girlfriend, who is now married to this don. While this forms the one-liner, Hero is much more than just that.


Does the ‘Hero’ entertain?

Almost every scene is filled with quirk, and entertainment will be the last thing you will be bothered about in this film. There are oodles of it, much of which comes with the antics of Rishab Shetty, and the circumstances his character goes through. There is a nice arc that will make you feel for Rishab’s character and also involve you in the proceedings.

The performances

Rishab Shetty has a charm of his own and he excels in this hilarious character. Ganavi Laxman delivers a memorable performance and her outing will go down as one of the best debuts for a female actress. Pramod Shetty, as usual, gives his best.

The technicians behind the screen

Despite being his debut. Bharath Raj showcased his taste for a particular type of cinema. His next will be keenly awaited. Arvind Kashyap has done a fantastic job with the visuals and the tone. However, the chunk of the cake lands on Ajaneesh Lokanath’s plate. His work, especially the BGM, elevates the film to an all-new level.


The final verdict

There are action and plenty of bloodshed in this film. There is also comedy that comes along. This forms a unique experience and must be enjoyed at the theatres.