Here’s Why People Are Trending #BoycottNetflix For A Scene In A Suitable Boy

Suitable Boy

Twitter has erupted all over again in yet another boycott trend after the Tanishq advertisement that ran itself into a “love jihad” controversy. The latest in the line is over the Netflix original series A Suitable Boy’s kissing scene.

A Suitable Boy based on the bestselling book of the same name by Vikram Seth is a BBC production directed by Mira Nair. The story is set in the newly independent India of the 1950s and around the literature student Late Mehra who is looking for a suitable boy.


Suitable Boy(1)

One of the scenes of the show has recently been caught up in controversy. The scene of Lata kissing her Muslim lover inside the temple premises has sparked off a controversy among a section of Twitter. Many have questioned the creative freedom of the filmmakers on why they could not place the same scene inside a mosque.

Promoting Love Jihad?

Gaurav Tiwari slammed the makers and accused them of promoting love jihad. Tiwari also claimed to have known the location of where the scene was shot. He claims it to be a Shiva Temple in Madhya Pradesh’s Maheshwar.

The show which is being released in India by Netflix is a six-part series directed by the celebrated filmmaker Mira Nair who had previously directed Salaam Bombay which is a cult film. The show stars Ram Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, debutant Tanya Maniktala, Rasika Dugal, Namit Das, Gagan Dev Riar, Danesh Razvi, Mikhail Sen, and Mahira Kakkar.


The show opened to mix reviews both by the critics and by the audience. While the hardcore admirers of the book were disappointed with the show not dwelling into the depths of the story, the critics wrote off the film for being superficial. However, many have appreciated the story, for pulling off the era and also depicting early India.


Source: Free Press Journal