Here’s Why Make App-Based Rental Bikes Has Become A Latest Trend For Commuters In Bengaluru

app-based rental bikes

Namma Metro and BMTC are indeed the major modes of transition in Bengaluru. But they certainly are not the most popular or trendy options for the commuters. Not even cabs or auto rickshaws can match the popularity of the app-based rental bikes that are really the next in-thing in the city. All it takes you to drive these app-based bikes is a digital photo and a valid driving license. You can take the two-wheeler of your choice and just drive away to your destination.

What Makes Rental Bikes So Popular?

The popular rent-a-bike services have become available for more than a year now. These services offer rides to the locals fulfilling their requirement for the local and hyperlocal commute. Importantly, the features of these services are so flexible that anyone can simply enjoy the facility. These features include online payment options, low-security deposit, and no hassle of parking.

These options make a person think twice about buying a two-wheeler himself. Some of the most popular rent-a-bike services in and around Bengaluru include Drivezy, Twic, Bounce, Vogo, ONN Bikes, Wheelstreet, and Royal Brothers. These services have already been granted permission by the Karnataka Transport Department. The vehicles have black registration plates with details embossed in yellow color.

Gearless Two-Wheeler Range For Daily Commuters

Traffic congestion is a big problem in metro cities like Bengaluru. To combat the hassles caused by the traffic density, the rent-a-bike services offer a gearless range of scooters. These scooters save the daily commuters from the trouble of shifting the gear constantly. Some of the gearless options made available by these services include TVS Jupiter, Honda Activa, and Suzuki Access 125.

For those who love driving bikes, the services also offer options of geared bikes like Royal Enfield 350, KTM Duke, and Yamaha FZ. The co-founder of Bounce, Vivekananda Hallekere said that his company has 6000 scooters in the city and the main users are the metro commuters as well as the college students who do not want to invest in a bike.  

These services charge the users by the minute and even offer the option of a year-long contract. The services include last mile connectivity, vehicle insurance as well as maintenance. The users also have the option to swap the vehicles anytime as per their preference.

Important USP’s Of Rent-A-Bike Services

These app-based services offer almost similar features. But the major highlight is a few facilities. For example, Royal Brothers and Drivezy arrange delivery of the vehicles on your doorstep whereas other service providers expect the clients to pick up the bike from a specified location. One of the flexible options offered by Bounce is that users can park their vehicles anywhere they want after completing the ride. The fleet executives of Bounce, later on, collect the bike.

For riding Roadpanda or ONN Bikes you are not required to pay any security deposit. On the other hand, Bykemania and Wheelstreet allow users to choose from superbikes for commuting. Vogo’s total charges include the fuel cost. All these rent-a-bike services offer one helmet and fulfill all the mandatory legal requirements like Life Time Tax, vehicle insurance, and registration, renting permits and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

app-based rental bikes

There are a few services that also offer a dockless or keyless system. In such a case, an OTP is forwarded on the app to the user so that he can lock or unlock the vehicle and get access to the bike’s key. Prices tend to be on the higher side during weekends. Also, some services provide roadside assistance in the case there is a vehicle breakdown. Of course, there are a few companies that expect the users to fix flat tyre or damages related to riding such as dents or scratches.   

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