Here’s Why: Just Like Drone Prathap, Chakravarti Sulibele Is Now Getting Heavily Trolled On The Net

The trollers in the state have given much attention to Drone Prathap in recent days, but it seems there is a slight deviation in the narrative. Founder of Yuva Brigade and popular orator Chakravarti Sulibele is the latest person who seems to be getting a similar reception like Drone Prathap. Just like in Prathap’s case, Mr. Sulibele’s highly exaggerated statements in many of his previous speeches are being brought out for the trolls to be aimed at.

Highly exaggerated statements in his speeches

This is the main reason why Mr. Sulibele is being trolled heavily in recent days. Known to be a public admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, most of Sulibele’s ‘seemingly difficult to believe’ statements have centered around the BJP leader.


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Here are few sensational statements of Mr. Sulibele that are being trolled

Chakravarti Sulibele’s comments about the cleanliness of River Ganga is now doing the rounds on the net. As per this video, Mr. Sulibele narrates a story in which a foreign Prime Minister, after taking a dip at the holy river gets so impressed by its purity, that he later brings his entire family to have a dip in River Ganga. This having happened during Modi’s reign, Mr. Sulibele credits this to the brilliant work done by the Indian Prime Minister.

In another utterance, Mr. Sulibele says that PM Modi has developed a system wherein the hospital network of the entire country is given to the PM Office. This way, Modiji gets access to details of any treatment that any person undergoes across the nation.


Well, these are only the major ones but trollers have also got videos regarding Sulibele’s comments on the security feature in 2000 Rs notes, and the theory of roads getting made of gold. With plenty of content available for the trollers, it only needs to be seen how long the writer-orator will remain as the subject before the next figure arrives.