Here’s Why Javed Akhtar Denies The Power Of Netizens Amid Cancel Culture

Javed Akhtar, in his latest interview, has commented about Bollywood films not doing well at the Box office and said that he doesn’t believe boycott calls are actually the reason behind it.

Javed Akhtar on cancel culture

Veteran lyricist, and writer Javed Akhtar in his latest interview spoke about the effects of cancel culture in the film industry and called it a ‘phase.’ The recent Bollywood biggies like Laal Singh Chaddha, Shamshera, and Raksha Bandhan among others failed at the box office after many social media users called for a boycott citing mixed reasons. Talking about it, Javed stated he doubts if such calls actually work at all.


Javed Akhtar told E-Times, “It is a passing phase. It is very evident that it doesn’t work. If the film is good and is appreciated by the audience, it will work. If it is not good and not appreciated by the audience, it won’t work. I don’t think this kind of announcement of cancel culture and boycott works at all.”

Tough time for Bollywood 

While many celebrities have admitted that Bollywood is going through a tough phase, many pan-India films are performing better in the Hindi belt. The latest example is Karthikeya 2, which has done much better business than Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger.

Days after Liger faced calls for a boycott, the film crashed after the first weekend, as per reports. The south India distributor of the movie, Warangal Srinu said that there ‘seems to be a concerted campaign against the team. Speaking with TOI, he added, “Sabotage is the word.” He also clarified about losing Rs 100 crores in the last 12 months. Denying the claims, he said that he lost ‘a lot of money, no doubt’ and shared, “As on Liger, I have lost something to the tune of 65 percent of my investment.”