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Here’s why Film analyst Taran Adarsh thinks Martin will be the ‘Blockbuster of the Year’

The teaser for Dhruva Sarja’s Martin, which features extreme action scenes, has hyped fans’ curiosity. Even, popular film analyst Tarana Adarsh also feels the same. He believes Martin will break new records at the Box Office.

Martin is the next big thing 

The long-awaited teaser for the film Martin, starring Kannada actor Dhruva Sarja, is now out. The teaser was released by the makers on Thursday, February 23. With its power-packed action backgrounds, the teaser has left viewers in amazement. The actor’s muscular body and jaw-dropping physique are standouts in this teaser.


Since its release, the teaser has been trending on YouTube, and fans are excited over Dhruva, who has certainly unleashed his peak form in the film. Film analyst Taran Adarsh has made a few predictions about Martin and its run at the Box Office.

“From what I believe, the teaser or the trailer makes the first impression of the film. This is the way the viewers decide if they want to watch the film or not. And for me, my first reaction to Martin Teaser was- ‘WOW'”

“It’s an amazing teaser, the action scenes, music, editing, BGM and VFX used are simply outstanding. Ravi Basrur (Music Composer of KGF) has done a great job with the background score. This movie is promising when it comes to action and entertainment.”


“This is going to be a large-scale action film. There is a lot of money spent on this film and it is clearly seen in the Teaser. I really want to credit the director action director and producer in the film for doing such an amazing job.”

Dhruva Sarja’s era

Speaking about Dhruva Sarja, Taran Adarsh says that he will be very excited to watch this Kannada actor on the big screen. He says, “For a minute forget that I am a film critic, think like I am a normal viewer watching the Teaser. This has developed a great interest in me to watch more of Druva Sarja’s films.

The 57-year-old thinks the Kannada industry will create history in 2023 too. He says, “Kannada industry is taking Big steps recently. Last year films like KGF, Kantara, and especially 777 Charlie -which made me emotional- did a tremendous job. Similarly, this year, there are great films coming from the Kannada film industry. This will start with Martin and many films that will arrive this year. I really want to congratulate Kannada directors for making good stories and a variety of stories. At times when Bollywood struggled it was Kannada Industry that saved the Indian industry last year.”


Speaking more about Martin, the film analyst thinks that the makers should maintain the same and more hype till the film is released. And if they succeed, Martin will be a blockbuster. With the given Hype no body can stop the Dhruva Sarja starrer.

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