Here’s Why Boycott Culture May Not Affect Shah Rukh Khan’s Upcoming Films

Amid the boycott of Bollywood’s A-list actors’ films, an old video of Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral where he speaks about the cancel culture.

SRK’s take on the cancel culture

Almost every Bollywood film has become a target of the boycott trend in recent times. Lately, it is Pathaan that has become a victim. People have already started calling for SRK’s movie to be embargoed.


However, there is also a section of people on the internet who supported the star’s humbleness and have been sharing the actor’s video. In the viral clip, SRK makes a comment on the cancel culture and films getting flopped.

He says, “Actually, sometimes it is good. If the film doesn’t work, you get an excuse to make your heart happy, so you get the excuse that a social boycott happened so which is why it didn’t work.

The love for the actor

He further added, “With due respect, I don’t think that has affected me or my film or will ever affect me or my film (Someone will have an issue, someone would comment. but in this country, I do know that I have received so much love so I can say with certainty that many haven’t received that kind of love.”


Here’s the video:

It is important to note that Shah Rukh Khan was a victim of cancel culture when he commented on the rising intolerance in India which spoiled the business of his film Dilwale in 2015.