Here’s What Ajit Doval Spoke To Chinese Foreign Minister In The Two-Hour Video Conference Call

Ajit Doval

On Monday, as per the Indian Army sources, the Chinese troops moved at least 1-2 kilometers back as the disengagement talks took a front seat.

In other news, the Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi and India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval have reportedly had a two-hour video conference. Post the meeting, the Chinese said the meeting was a positive common understanding.


Courtesy: India Today

Here is what might have happened in the two-hour video conference call.

  • As per a report in the Hindustan Times, there were disagreements between the two regarding who was to be blamed for the violent face-off that took place on the 15th of June. However, both Wang Yi and Ajit Doval have come to agreements on various other fronts. Doval has reportedly told Wang Yi that the Chinese need to restore the patrolling rights to the Indian army if there is to be peace along the line of actual control.
  • As per various officials, the agenda of the two-hour video conference was to ensure peace and tranquility is restored in the conflicted region. The call also had a focus on having better coordination in the future.
  • The discussion is supposed to have happened in a free and frank manner among the two officials. The two sides agreed that both the army commanders would talk and work out the maintenance of peace along the border.
  • The two have reportedly agreed to maintain and promote exchange and cooperation that would boost the Sino-Indian relations on all fronts.
  • In a positively reaffirming outcome, the two officials have agreed that the military and diplomatic officials should continue to engage in discussion to chalk down the framework of restoring peace and tranquility in the disputed region.

Buffer Zone Created

Days after Prime Minister visited Ladakh and met the Army thereby sent a clear cut political message to China, the Chinese forces have reportedly withdrawn its troops from the place where the violent face-off took place on the 15th of June that resulted in 20 casualties on the Indian side. Reportedly, Indian forces have also withdrawn from the region thereby creating a buffer zone between the two troops.


Source: Free Press Journal