On An Average, Bengaluru Citizen Loses Rs.52000 Every Year Due To Traffic Congestion: Study

The traffic of Bengaluru city is known all over the world to be notorious and painstaking. In a recent report, it has also revealed the citizens of Bengaluru has suffered severe health and productivity loss due to the traffic.

According to a study conducted on the impact of pollution on productivity carried out by the researchers of the Institute of Social and Economic Change, each citizen of Bengaluru loses an average of Rs. 52,264 every year which is spent on medication and other things that can avoid traffic congestion. The study came to the conclusion after analyzing the direct link between congestion, vehicle population, and the health of the people.


Bengaluru Traffic (1)
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

The student of the institute Vijayalakshmi S and Professor Krishna Raj conducted a total of 427 interviews of people who have traveled across the city. The people interview have also traveled to different kinds of transport like bus, metro, two-wheelers, and cars. The study has been titled – Economic Estimation of Health and Productivity Impacts of Traffic Congestion: A case of Bengaluru city’.

Metro Rides Better Than Own Vehicle?

As per the report, among the people who travel in their own vehicles, 37 percent of them complained of asthma and close to 50 percent reported of stress, respiratory issues, back pain, and other illness. People who traveled in the metro were better with only 22 percent having issues with asthma, 40 percent said that they have respiratory problems, and 55 percent reported stress and blood pressure. Vijayalakshmi said,

“All these respondents have shifted to the metro from other modes recently. While they did report an improvement in health, they had to pay additional cost in metro fare and last-mile cost.”

The expenditure was calculated included the expense on medicines, additional expenditure on commuting, and the number of sick leaves. The researchers have arrived at the cost of illness by adding the average cost of medication (Rs. 4,944), the average loss of productivity (Rs. 15,520), and preventive measures cost (Rs. 31,800). With this, the study has said that an average commuter loses Rs. 52,264 per year.  Professor Krishna Raj said,


“Thousands of work hours are lost and many people suffer for life. Urgent interventions are needed to find a solution.”


Source: Deccan Herald