Here’s How Love For Famed Hoskote Biryani Is Destroying Ecosystem Of Hoskote Lake

hoskote lake

For any Bengalurian who loves nature especially birds, Hostoke Lake is a huge attraction. Located on the outskirts of the city, it is a great place to watch and click birds that are attracted by the large water body. From Wood Sandpiper, Spot-billed Pelican to Little Cormorant and Eurasian Wigeon, there are a lot of varieties of birds that you can see here. Importantly, the place is also famous for its Hoskote Biryani. So, the place is a paradise for both food and nature lovers.

Irresponsible Behavior Affecting Aquatic Ecosystem 

If eating healthy food and avoiding junk food is an intelligent way to stay well, how can dumping junk in a lake can do good to the aquatic ecosystem. People come to Hostoke to enjoy the famous biryani at Anand and other places and dump all the junk in the lake. Eating responsibly is not only thinking about your body, but it should include proper disposal of the waste that is created after you cook, eat, and clean.


But as flocks of people reach Hoskote to savor its tasty biryani they just forget that the leftovers and the disposals should not be littered. Team Swastik has appealed to all the foodies and food bloggers to take into consideration this particular aspect of eating out.

How Dumping Junk Affects Aquatic Life In Lake?

More than two-thirds of aquatic species are currently considered to be endangered. And these birds are becoming extinct only because of improperly disposed of wastes and chemicals in the water bodies. When the trash and litters are dumped in the lake or alongside the water bodies they harm organisms thereby completely destroying the entire food chain of aquatic life.

The junk and trash adversely affect the aquatic life in the lake. Many toxic substances get accumulated in the body of the aquatic organisms that can cause diseases when ingested.