Here is the list of Shantanu Naidu’s responsibilities and salary at Tata Trusts

Since the video of Ratan Tata celebrating his birthday with a tiny cupcake a youngster went viral, people are wondering who this young guy is. It was revealed that he was Shantanu Naidu, a 28-year-old who works with the Tata Trust as a Deputy General Manager and is one of the closest friends of Mr. Ratan Tata.

Shantanu’s role is of the Deputy General Manager of Tata Trusts which is the philanthropic wing of Tata. He works under a General Manager and helps the company in the activities that include:


  • Delegation
  • Making plans
  • Overlooking finances

This role requires him to be on his feet throughout the day. The projects that he would handle would be related to philanthropy and social work as he also has good experience with the same through his company MotoPaws which manufactures ‘glow-in-the dark’ collars for street dogs to avoid them being hit by cars.

Shantanu Naidu

He is involved with a team and makes things happen at various stages. With the understanding of finances and business is a skill that he possesses.

As the preferred qualification, Shantanu has completed his MBA from Cornell Univeristy.


The salary of a DGM in India is about 27 lakh rupees per annum and for some companies it shoots upto 40 lakh rupees per annum. But it is not sure in what bracket does the salary of Shantanu falls in.