Here Is How Kalaburagi Of K’taka Has Turned Into A Model District In Combating The Corona Outbreak

source: deccanherald

Kalaburgi has turned into a model district not only for Karnataka but also for the other states in devising efficient ways to combat the dangerous COVID-19 outbreak.

First COVID-19 death in India happened in Kalaburagi

Incidentally, the first Coronavirus death in India happened in Kalaburagi. A senior-citizen, with reported travel history, succumbed to the deadly virus. Hence, all the measures to curb the outbreak started in this district.

Section-144 Imposed soon after the death of the senior-citizen

As soon as the first case was reported, the entire district of Kalaburagi was locked down and Section 144 was imposed. The district authorities did not waste time in creating awareness among the public, as banners were put up throughout the district to spread knowledge about the virus.

BS Yediyurappa 1
Kalaburagi has turned into a model district for Yediyurappa and Co.

The efficient working of Police

3500 people with overseas travel history were immediately identified in the district. The Police officials then decided that a home-guard would be sent to the homes of each of these individuals to make sure they do not step outside of their homes. 

The Police had also publicly announced the names of the quarantined people. This way, they informed the citizens so that if any of these quarantined people stepped out, they were supposed to make a call to the concerned authorities.

Pinpoint Utilization of the Available Resource

Kalaburagi District officials divided themselves into separate teams and handled the situation effectively. Even before the entire country was coming to terms with the situation, almost 3500 hospital beds were already arranged in the district, keeping in mind the worst possible scenarios.

Effect of all these, in the last 12 days, Kalaburagi has not witnessed a single case of the Coronavirus.