Here is a new word Shashi Tharoor wants Indians to learn!

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor makes it to headlines for various reasons, the most dominant reason, most times of the year is for the new words that he brings to the limelight. He has tweeted the ‘word of the day’, Anocracy, and wants Indians to learn it!

Anocracy according to Tharoor is a form of Govt that mixes democracy with the features of an autocratic Govt. With this word, Tharoor took a jibe at the BJP which is the ruling Govt at the center.


The tweet read,
A word we’d better start learning in India: ANOCRACY. Form of government that mixes democratic w/ autocratic features, permits elections, allows participation through opposition parties& institutions accommodating nominal amounts of competition, but acts w/minimal accountability.

Tharoor went on to explain that this Govt allows elections and participation of the opposition but it acts with minimal accountability which clearly explains that it dilutes the principles of a democratic form of Govt.

Tharoor has been bringing forward many English words for the past few years. He makes netizens lookout for the meaning when he uses highly thought words which have made people call him the master of the English language in India.


He has thrown in words like Paraprosdokians, Allodoxaphobia, Pognotrophy among others. Paraprosdokians is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a phrase or a sentence is unexpected, in a way that prompts the reader to rethink the first part where Allodoxaphobia stands for an irrational fear of opinions and Pogntrophy means cultivation of beard!

What do you feel about this new word introduced by Tharoor?