Here is a list of 4 most weirdest pitches of Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India has become favorite of most Indians. It has simply stated the fact that entrepreneurship is in the Indian blood also the there is a startup wave in India. Apart from basic business India, STI saw pitches that catered to social issues. However there were also few pitches that were very weird which either made the judges laugh or get enraged.

Here is the list

  1. Belly Button Shaper

It was presented by Baldev and Jayshree Jumani who said that the product would allow the users to have a deep and round belly button! Funny right?


2. Mask for drinking glass

The product would act like mask for glass. This will prevent bacteria and gems from entering you body. As usual, Ashneer lost his cool on this product.

3. Tween In One…?

It was a unique brand that showcased dresses that can be worn from both sides. The founder Niti Singhal along with her partners even displayed the same but the idea got mixed responses and failed to receive the right kind of funding.


4. Toilet Spray

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A product name Poo De Cologne was pitched that would suppress bad smells in the toilet, also it was made of essential oils. The idea was not at all appreciated by the sharks.