Here Are The 4 Revelations About AAP Leader Tahir Hussain In The Book Delhi Riots 2020


The book Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story was in the news after the publisher Bloomsbury withdrew the publication. The book has finally released by another publisher.

In the book, there are massive revelations about the Aam Aadmi Party leader Tahir Hussain. The book claims to be the fact-finding mission by a group of intellectuals and academicians. Among the several claims about Tahir Hussain, here are the 4 major claims. The following are the excerpts from the book.


Tahir Hussain’s House Is Used As A LaunchPad

“With such elaborate preparations, high-rises were used by snipers in North East Delhi during riots. North East Delhi’s Rajdhani Public School in Shiv Vihar, Kajuri Khas was used by Muslim rioters as a base for storing weaponry and launching petrol and acid bombs, and bricks and stones through catapults. Similarly, the house of Tahir Hussain, an Aam Admi Party councilor which is a huge building was used as a bunker and launchpad. The Intelligence Bureau officer, Ankit Sharma was allegedly stabbed to death and tortured for hours in the same building.

Ankit Sharma Was Pulled To Tahir Hussain’s House

“Ankit’s post-mortem report shows 51 injuries. Recently, the investigating police have arrested one Salman as one of the culprits. According to media reports, he has disclosed that he and some other Muslim boys had covered Ankit’s body with a black cloth and they had pulled him to Tahir Hussain’s house. This was the same house from where all the paraphernalia of rioting has been recovered. This was the same house, from whose rooftop petrol bombs were launched and the targets attacked. There were 10 to 14 men were involved in the lynching and killing of Ankit Sharma. Salman himself has confessed to stabbing Ankit at least 14 times. His face was disfigured and he was thrown into the Brijpuri nullah.”


Tahir Involvement In The Riots

“The gory details of Ankit’s death bring fresh memories of the brave Saurabh Kalia’s gruesome murder by Pakistan forces, whose body had been mutilated in a similar manner during the Kargil War. The incident has raised many unanswered questions. How did the Muslim rioters come to know that Ankit was an IB official? It isn’t usual for a civilian to know the identity of an intelligence official in an area. Then how was it that Ankit’s killers found out? Were they helped by some outside agency? Why was such an inhuman and gory way of killing chosen? Was he murdered at Tahir Hussain’s house? Was Tahir himself involved in the brutal murder? Above all, has such news stopped affecting the society we live in?”


Weapons Used In Riots From Tahir’s Home

“Riot weapons were stockpiled over a period of time: There is evidence that high-rise buildings in the area, i.e., the house of former AAP councilor, Tahir Hussain in Khajuri Khas and the Rajdhani Public School owned by Faisal Farroque were used as depots for storing weapons like acid pouches, petrol bombs, etc. Huge catapults of the kind found in Syria were already installed on the rooftop of these buildings. This points towards elaborate preparation for riots.”


Source: Free Press Journal