Here Are Some Of The Important Takeaways From Yash And Public Tv Ranganath Interaction

Amid movie promotion for KGF: Chapter 2, Rocking Star Yash arrived at the Public TV house to interact with the greatest journalist of all time HR Ranganath. Here are some of the important takeaways from the interview.

The rise of the Kannada Film Industry

Show anchor H.R Ranganath aka Ranganna spoke about how today every citizen in Karnataka is proud of this pan India experiment. KGF: Chapter 2 has made people from other states watch at us.


“Earlier, people use to overlook our cinema (Kannada Cinema). People treated our movies as random local cinemas. But today if someone talks about this Pan India film KGF, it is something to be proud of, said H.R Ranganath adding, not just the Kannada film industry, KGF: Chapter 2 should be celebrated by everybody.


Alongside Ranganath and Yash, the Co-anchor Akul Balaji recalls a time when Yash (8 years ago) had promised to take Kannada Cinema to a next level.

“I promise you today that in the future we will make big Kannada films. The whole world should watch us, let’s take Kannada cinema to a next level,” Yash said while promoting his movie Gajakesari in 2014.


“People, however, wondered if Yash’s statements were reasonable. Has Yash lost all senses? Is it possible for Kannada Industry to come close to Hindi Cinema? These were the question people used to ask earlier then. But today, the Rocking Star has fulfilled his promise,” said Akul followed by an applaud.

Speaking on the same Yash tells his experience of being a pioneer in taking Kannada cinema into a notable position in the country.

“Earlier people use to talk about how our industry (Kannada Industry) used to have limitations and barriers. People termed us a small industry. These words use to make me angry. This is a business and you cannot scale it. I always wanted to do something big. I never feared losing something. Even people expected a change and hence we have the result in KGF’s popularity,” said Yash.


Not just a hero, Yash is an excellent Individual

Speaking about KGF star Yash, Ranganath explains how the superstar has evolved over the years and why he is a special person to him.

“Yash is not only a superstar, but he is also a finer individual in my eyes. I have treated him as a human being. After this massive success, he has loads of responsibilities ahead. The one thing that is similar between me and Yash is that we never had a godfather behind us. We rose to recognition by ourselves and no one brought us to this level, said the 66-year-old.

KGF team was at War

Speaking about his team, Rocky Bhai explains how his crew worked hard for this film. He explains how everyone including, Director, Producer, Musicians, Choreographer, Technicians, and scriptwriters were at war to take this film to a new level.


“It is important to protect our talent, especially in our team. Every member of the KGF family is a master in his or her field. They literally sacrificed their sleep and comforts just to make this film a grand success,” said Yash.


He also praised Vijay Kiragandur and Prashanth Neel for their leadership roles.

Ravi Basrur

Explaining the importance of music in the film, the KGF star also talks about his film’s music director Ravi Basrur. He tells how important this man was for the KGF franchise.

“This man Ravi Basrur, went to his hometown and built a music studio just for KGF. He is a sort-out character. He believed that he could do his work wherever he wants.”


Yash tells how Mr. Basrur was passionate about doing his work in his hometown. He tells how the music director never wanted to work in other states except for Karnataka.

“He use to take people from Bengaluru to his town. All the things such as food, shelter, and many more, he uses to provide these from his side. He was a dedicated guy,” Yash tells.

Reference to the movie Gandhi directed by Richard Attenborough

Speaking on Kannada talents, and how the KGF franchise was successful to utilise the homegrown talents in the film, Ranganath explains how he was sad watching the movie Gandhi directed by Richard Attenborough.

“I have seen the film like 120 times. And every time I watch I had this feeling as to why we being Indians couldn’t make such a beautiful movie? Why did the outsiders do it first before us?” questioned Ranganath.

“Similarly, I use to have these thoughts watching Kannada movies. In spite of having great actors like Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan Sir, Ambareesh Sir, Kannad cinema was limited to our state. But that has been defeated today. I am proud to say, KGF has fulfilled millions of dreams,” said the proud anchor.


8 years of hard work in KGF

Enthusiast Ranganath asked Yash how he was so patient waiting for all these 8 years for success. Was it the fame that kept him gripped or was it the money that motivated him more? asked Ranganna.

“Money wasn’t everything for me since the beginning. I have earlier survived with only Rs 50, Rs 100 and I have also seen crores of Rupees in my life. Money is a source of energy for me. I could have done 10 movies in these 8 years, but I thought I could make the same money with only KGF itself.”

You can call me mad, but madness makes great things, says the actor.

What is after KGF for Yash?

Curious Ranganath asks Yash what will be his next project after KGF: Chapter 2. Yash starrer film which is already a half success according to the lead anchor, the latter questions whether Yash’s next film will be as big as Prashanth Neel’s directional or will be even bigger?

“It is true it will be a big film. We are working on it. The script is written and is been matched with all standards. Once it is ready we will announce it publicly,” answers Rocky Bhai.

Have we lost Yash for Kannada films?

A question that the entire people of Karnataka wonder. Has Yash become so popular that he may avoid regional films in the future?

“I am a guy who always worked for fans and always wanted this industry to grow as a large. I never wanted anything for myself. Whatever films I may do in the future I will only be remembered as a Kannada actor. I have pride in my language and for my land, I cant step away from it,” says the megastar.

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