Here Are 5 Things To Know About Kishkindha, The Lost Temple Where Ram And Hanuman Met First


The bond between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman has been one of the most celebrated relationships in Hindu mythology. The place where they met for the first time, Kishkindha, has been a forgotten temple currently.

The temple that is situated in the current town of Hampi has many forgotten stories. Here are 5 things to know about the forgotten temple.


The First Meeting

The first time Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman met was in Kishkindha. It was when Rama Laxmana reached the foothills of Rishyamuk mountains in their quest for Sita. The king of Sugreeva who was staying in the hills asked Hanuman to check upon the two foreigners who were visiting the kingdom.

Hanuman As Brahmin Preist

While coming down the hills to meet Rama and Laxmana for the first time, Hanuman didn’t come to his original avatar. He came down as a Brahmin priest.

The First Conversation

When Hanuman came down the hills, he confronted Rama and asked them,


“O noble ones, who are you and what brings you here? It seems you are warriors but you have taken to life to sanyasins. Why is to so? O delicate ones of royal origin, your feet are having blisters due to this rough terrain. Please tell me about yourself.”

Kishkindha (1)
Courtesy: Viki Pandit

Hanuman’s Realisation About Rama

When Hanuman asked about them, Rama patiently, with grace, replied,

“O Noble vanar, we are the princes from Ayodhya. My name is Rama and he is brother Laxmana. As it happens, some demon has kidnapped my wife Sita and we are moving in search of her.”

Hanuman, who was an ardent disciple of Lord Rama realized that he has met his Lord in the most glorious form, tears form in his eyes and falls into his feet and said,

“O Lord, you have taken such a long time to come to your devotee that this Hanuman has almost become ignorant fool not to recognize you. What a foolish question to ask – who are you!”

The Bond That Stayed Forever

The bond that was established in Kishkinda later stayed forever and went onto be celebrated for years.