Hemp oil for vaping: Beginners guide


There was a time when cannabis wasn’t so popular and therefore, people didn’t have many choices to consume it. But as this magical plant became popular, the ways of consuming it also evolved and widened and hemp oil for vaping is also a result of such evolution.

Earlier when you wanted to consume cannabis, you had no other option than smoking it but such consumption of cannabis has its downside as well. Now people have options of smoking, dabbing, edibles, tinctures, capsules and much more.  In this useful guide, get ready to learn about hemp oil for vaping.

Why hemp oil for vaping is better than smoking?

Hemp oil for vaping is far better than smoking cannabis in several ways. First of all, vaping produces a type of vapor which is 95% free of smoke and carcinogens.  When you vape hemp, the temperature is very less in comparison to smoking and thus several chemical compounds which are wasted due to the high temperature of smoking are preserved. It has been found that when you smoke, you lose almost 30% of the hemp which is the majority of the useful chemical compounds.

How to vape hemp oil?

Vaping is just a short form of vaporization while the process remains the same. In layman’s language, vaping hemp oil is simply taking the vaporized form of hemp oil because it is less harmful and the best way to consume cannabis organically. When you vape hemp, you basically heat the active compounds in the oil which turns into vapor. Vaping is widely famous among cannabis consumers because it wipes out the burning associated with smoking.

What are the different types of vaporizers?

Because of the popularity of vaping, now there is a wide variety of vaporizers available in the market and they all come at different size and price. So, let’s take a look at some most common types of vaporizers which you can easily find in the market.

Oil vaporizes are basically divided into three categories:-

  •         Cigalike vaporizers
  •         Vape pens, and
  •         Desktop vaporizers

The demand for cigalike vaporizers is slowly decreasing because they can contain additives instead of pure oil which is generally not recommended for good health.  The desktop vaporizers are also not that much popular because of their bulk. The size of the desktop vaporizers makes it an unpopular choice among users as it comes in the form of a balloon or hose which is highly difficult to carry and handle.

The vape pen is the most popular category of vaporizer used by the consumer because it is compact and easy to use. Along with that, there is no issue of quality in the vape pens like in the case of cigalike vaporizers because it can be loaded with the oil of your choice.

The best way to consume hemp oil is by vaping it because through this way, you are able to preserve the good chemical compounds of the hemp and minimize the risk associated with the other forms of cannabis consumption.




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