Heartbreaking: Hungry Migrant Worker Found Eating Dead Dog On Rajasthan Highway

Courtesy: India Times

In a heartbreaking incident that has to come to light, a hungry migrant worker has resorted to eating a dead dog on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. A video of the incident is now doing the rounds on social media.

The plight of the Migrant Workers

Undoubtedly, the migrant-worker community has been the worst-hit during the lockdown. With no job in hand and the stoppage of travel services, the migrant workers have been forced to walk thousands of kilometers to reach their hometowns. Few incidents of them have met with accidents has also happened in recent days. However, the latest incident is sure to show the people the stark reality of the situation.


Heartbreaking incident

In a video shared by Pradhuman Singh Naruka on Facebook, a man is seen feeding on a dead dog on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. A passerby who has shot the video later asks the man if he does not have any food. He then instructs him to get up and stand by the side of the road. The passerby then gives food to the man and also provides cash to be used for his travel purpose. Here is the video that is going viral on the net:

The caption of the video read that the man resorted to the act because he was hungry.The incident is definitely an eye-opener for many who are yet to understand the difficulties being faced by one of the poorest sections of the country.

Source: India Times