Heart Touching Quotes for happiness


The severe pain of heart is when you’re smiling with someone and avoiding that person who is caring about you. These heart touching quotes will guide those people who are the most disturbing to love someone and never find the feelings to let the person know how much he loves you.

The best quotes express the situation you start to want someone, you also place your heart at risk of receiving pain. It is not necessary she will love you if you like her very much. It is not true that love always hurts, but your voice can also give pain to others. When you are caring and loving, Here are heart touching quotes about forgiveness and sadness.

Heart touching quotes are responsiveness of being hurt in the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Want to mess with my feelings, don’t enter my world.

If someone truly loves us, He will never let us go.

When loyalty ends, love starts hurting.

Words mean nothing when action speaks the truth; it hurts when those actions prove that the person whom you loved was wrong.

You left me for no cause; forewarn for you will be in a total loss.

Life is ironic as you only get hurt by the ones you love the most.

Life is too short so never hurt someone’s feelings who love you a lot.

SEPARATION: They never wanted that, but destiny does.

Heart touching quotes is a perception of people who get busted from love.

The sarcasm is that we can only hurt a person we love the most.

Love is like a needle of the injection; it hurts but brings perfection.

You have drowned me in the ocean; with faking your possession.

The gentleman never hurts her girl; as he knows that she is a precious pearl.

There may be ups and downs; trough and crest, you only need to give your best for you should never lose your strength.

Hurting yourself is an attractive task; without dark, we never see the stars.

The darkness knows all my secrets as it never bitrates.

Nothing ever vanishes away until we learn something from it.

Heart touching quotes express the emotion of people who are distressed from life.

We are like dominos falling for the different people like I fell for you, you fell for another.

Don’t be sad that you hurt me, as I know how to rise like the sun.

Don’t stick to me if you don’t love me or I will pick you and throw you away.

The pure relationship never molests as the couple is blessed.

Believing in KARMA is a real DHARMA as it’s a law of lord that we sow what reap only that.

I am in a generation where LOYALTY is just a tattoo; LOVE is just a quote and LYING is a new truth.

Heart touching quotes may attribute to the relationship between physical and sentimental pain.

You left me hurt, though. I’m still trying not to blame you.

It is an insane practice to expect rain in the desert.

Falling for the wrong person in life is having cocaine. It devastates everything still you do it.

Wander sometimes that if life would be a video game, so even if we waste our one life looking for a wrong person we would still have two extra lives.

If life was a video game; every time you screw up you can start again.

In a game of cards, I still lost to my queen even after being trying hard to be her king.

Heart touching quotes relate to a serious problem called “broken heart syndrome” or technically called “stress cardiomyopathy.”

It doesn’t need guns to kill someone, but a fraud tongue does.

Perfection is like a fairy tale; it’s magical, mythical, and imaginary.

If you think you can drown me in the sea give me your best shot and I will show you my best version.

Sometimes you need to unhand the picture of what you thought of it would be and learn to be in the actuality of what it is.

Sometimes we put up walls, not because we don’t care but to know who cares enough to knock them down.

Disable me with the truth but never try to comfort me with a lie.


Heart touching quotes can inspire people especially when they feel isolated and hopeless, and all hurting moments have passed with a painful situation. Sometimes people give the pain to someone’s heart to realize them how they are different.

When you get people who care about you, and you play with their feelings and emotions. It gets hurt. The beautiful Heart touching quotes will help you to express what you are thinking in case of breaking heart and sadness.




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