Heart-Breaking: 600 Migrant Workers Returned to Bengaluru to find their Huts and Houses Burnt To Ashes

Bengaluru Migrants (1)

600 Migrant workers who returned to Bengaluru post the relaxation of the lockdown, they found their houses and huts burnt to ashes in Kachakaranahalli of Lingarajapuram that lies in the East Zone of Bengaluru.

According to a report by the Indian Express, the huts that belonged to them in the slum area were set on fire when the migrants went back to their native Kalaburagi. This happened before the lockdown due to the coronavirus was imposed on the 25th of March.


Bengaluru Migrants
Courtesy: Manorama Online

Antony Sebastian, the Chairperson of the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, visited the site and consoled the migrants who were in shock. After meeting them, he said,

“Around 600 migrants from Kalaburagi have been living in the slum area near the temple complex in Kacharakanahalli for the past 20 years. Before the lockdown, the residents had gone back to their villages to attend a local festival. With the easing of the lockdown, when they returned, they found their places were gutted completely. With no source of livelihood and roof on their heads, they are in total despair. Around 50 school children have lost their books. There are three SSLC students, who have their exams coming up. Their future looks highly uncertain.”

People were asked to burn the huts

A social worker said that the huts were burnt on the 27th of April. He discovered it when he was visiting the place to distribute relief items. He said that a few people came and lit the fire to some of the huts. When they tried to stop them, they said it was told to do by someone else. Another eye witness said that they reached out to some of the migrant workers who used to live in the huts but due to the lockdown, the workers could not come immediately.

One of the migrant workers said that they have been left with nothing and called the world unjust. Meanwhile, Dr. Sebastian reportedly speaks to the Block Education Officer (BEO) and District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) about the loss of the students’ belongings. The doctor also requested them to provide the study material for the students whose examination is fast approaching.


Source: The Indian Express