Head to Iconic Chikkanna Tiffin Room for Mini Masala Dose & Bath Khaali Dose With a Spoon Of Ghee

chikkanna tiffin room

Many a time, street food vendors give big restaurants a run for the money and this is what keeps food culture in the city going. By now, you might have tasted the best south Indian breakfast in Bengaluru, however, have you tasted Mini Masala Dose, Bath Khali Dose, and Thatte Idli from Chikkanna Tiffin room? Come, let’s see what this tiny Dose corner of Bengaluru has in its store for you.

Ditch the Ambiance, Embrace the Taste

This hustling and bustling place where you find people bide one’s time to get their order is located in a remote part of Cubbonpet. You may find it difficult to spot the place on your own but when you ask for Chikkanna Tiffin room, people will guide to its fine points.


Chikkanna tiffin room is not a fancy la-di-da place but who cares? This is one of the best places in Bengaluru where a soft and crispy Masala Dose is served. A plate of Dose that comes with a batter and a mind-boggling Palya makes a perfect bite for the day.

Chikkanna’s Specials with a Spoon of Ghee

One specialty of Chikkanna Tiffin room is its Ghee flavored breakfast. If we are not exaggerating then the aroma of Ghee itself can guide you to this place. This place has a limited menu but it will be so scrumptious and zestful that you don’t crave for more.

So, after gobbling a plate of Mini Masala Dose, you should go for Bath Khali Dose. The same Khali Dose with flavored rice topped with Sagu, Chutney, and Ghee is simply Wow. Beleive me, you just continue to have a bite after a bite and if you are a foodie then you may end up ordering one more plate.


chikkanna tiffin room

Tatte Idli topped with Ghee, coupled with Sagu and Chutney is another gem which you can’t afford to miss. If you want to try more in Dose then go for Ghee Masala Dose or as a contrast, opt for Rice bath. Whatever you order, Ghee will be a part of it and that’s why we love Chikkanna tiffin room. Yeeeeyy!!!

So, guys! If you have not been to this place yet then you should because you cannot afford to miss this. Go for it! Take your gang of friends and make your way to Cubbonpet to grab those yummy yummy Doses in Namma Bengaluru.

Tip: Avoid Sunday mornings if you hate Chaos.


Open: 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: Near Ulsoor Gate Police Station, Cubbon pet, City Market, Bengaluru.

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