Head Bush Twitter Review: Dhananjaya’s Gangster Tale Could Repeat Kantara’s Success

Kannada superstar Daali Dhananjaya returns to the big screen with his action entertainer Head Bush. The film is helmed by Shoonya, who is going to make his directorial debut with the film. Netizens are showering their reviews on Twitter.

All about Head Bush

Based on Agni Sreedhar’s autobiographical novel My Days in the Underworld, Head Bush highlights the events that led to the making of Bengaluru’s first gangster MP Jayaraj. As Jayaraj and his friends grow up criticized by society, their wish to break the shackles coincides with a major political movement in the city to give them all out-and-out power. The film shows the rise of both Jayaraj and the underworld in Bengaluru and how his attempts to ‘conquer’ the city test his morality, loyalty, and much more.


Released today, 21st October, the film is getting mixed reviews. While the performances of Dhananjaya, Vasishta, and Balu Nagendra are being praised, the fact that Volume 1 is only about the events leading to Jayaraj’s entry into the underworld with the gang wars reserved for the next installment makes it a decent start, thinks the audience.

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