From Chocolate Pani Puri to Chaska Maska Flavors, Pani Weds Puri is a Place to Visit in Bengaluru

chocolate pani puri

Who doesn’t love Pani Puri? The savory watery bread with a light filling of mashed boiled potatoes and a pinch of black salt and spices is one of the best snack items in India. By now, you might have tasted Pani Puri of various kinds but did you ever had a chance to devour Chocolate Pani Puri? The oozing twang of Chocolate coupled with soft cake crumbs in the mouth will make you go crazy for sure.

Experience this sweetish yet tangy twist in ‘Pani Weds Puri,’ located in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru. A place where you will be served with 1 Plate, 9 Puri and each Puri with a unique Pani. Excited? Come, let’s explore.

An Off Beat Pani Puri Place in Bengaluru

Pani Weds Puri, a stall you find on Dr.Rajkumar road, Rajajinagar stands unique as it serves a wide range of flavored Panis, which you don’t get to taste in other places. Say from, regular Pudina Pani to Orange, Apple, to Guava; go for hing and garlic pani for a Chaska Maska twist to your routine Golgappa.

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chocolate pani puri

Chocolate Pani Puri and its Zing Zang Punch

You have a variety of flavors here but Chocolate flavor is just out of the box. It is a crackling Puri which will be coated with Dark Chocolate stuffed with soft chocolate cake crumbs. A chocolate sauce taking its place inside the Puri finished with colored sprinkles so amazing that you can’t resist even for a second.

chocolate pani puri

We are sure that you gonna love this place. If you are an ardent chocolate lover + Golgappa fanatic then this is it. Come, Eat and Repeat.

So, why delay? Get your gang of friends and simply attaaaackkk!

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