‘Have To Take Back The FIR As He Is Crying Now’: Poonam Pandey To Withdraw The FIR Against Her Husband

Poonam Pandey shocked everyone the other day when she filed an FIR against her husband just 12 days into their marriage. Poonam had alleged her husband of molesting, threatening and assaulting her. However, it seems that she will be taking it back now.

Poonam got married to Sam Bombay on September 1st 

Poonam Pandey got married to her long-time boyfriend Sam Bombay on September 1st. The couple also posed for pictures at the airport after their marriage. However, the marriage hit a roadblock just 12 days after the event.


Poonam files an FIR against her husband

Poonam revealed that she has been in an abusive relationship since the last 18 months, and believed that marriage would sort things. However, even after the marriage, things remained the same, and hence, she had to take the legal route.

She said that while in Goa, Sam hit her very badly, which even caused her a brain hemorrhage. It was the hotel authorities in which they were staying that called the police after hearing the loud noise from their room. Poonam decided to file an FIR after the police came in and saw the damage. The controversial model also said that she has been discharged from the hospital now.

Poonam is now taking back the FIR

The actress, however, has announced that she will be taking back the FIR that she has lodged against her husband. She reasoned out that Sam Bombay was crying requesting her to withdraw the FIR, and hence, she has arrived at the decision.


When questioned as to what would be her next step, Poonam said that she had no idea. She said she will have to focus more on sorting the big mess that she has gotten herself into. She chose not to comment when asked if she would reconcile with her husband.

Source: Spot Bye