Have Protesters Abandoned Shaheen Bagh? Twitter Trends ‘#ShaheenBaghEmpty’

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Shaheen Bagh, also known for the hotspot of anti-CAA protests, was seen vacant since the Delhi riots cooled off. Protesters say it’s because of constant rain and Coronavirus scare that has kept them away from the long term anti-government protest.

Empty Shaheen Bagh

According to the TV channel Republic, the demonstrators at Shaheen Bagh appear to have abandoned the protest site on Thursday as only a 40 arrived for what they maintained their democratic right to protest against the government’s progress in CAA.


The report also claims that the principal logic behind this sudden decline in the protest in the point that the media partners who had maintained the venue frequently earlier have quit visiting the place now.

Speaking to the media, a protestor who continued the demonstration with only a handful of people said that a news channel that used to send up to seven reporters to the protest isn’t sending even a single reporter anymore.

source: twitter

Moreover, the report claims that even the regular meal that was served to the activists – Biryani especially – has been terminated.


Avoiding the rain

When asked about the development, a protester said that they wanted to protect themselves from the rain and the active demonstrators took shelter in corridors of the showrooms.

“We have not vacated the protest site, but taken shelter in the showrooms to avoid the rain.

source: twitter

The Delhi Police informed that they have made heavy security arrangments by deploying security personnel in Shaheen Bagh.


“People are informed that Section 144 of CRCP has been imposed at Shaheen Bagh and it is requested that permission for any gathering is not allowed. Violation of this may attract legal proceedings,” said the Delhi Police directive.

Twitter trends #ShaheenBagh