Has Varun Joined ‘#CBIForSSR’ Out Of Fear?, Netizens Raise Their Voice On This

As the calls for #JusticeFor Sushant and #CBIFor SSR continue to rage on social media, big Bollywood celebrities have also joined this campaign for different reasons.

One of them is famous Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan. He has joined the #CBIForSSR campaign but people wonder what made him support Sushant? Is doing this genuinely for righteousness, or is it just his personal fear of being thrown out from Bollywood?


Courtesy: YouTube.com

Hours ago Varun Dhawan took his official Instagram account to express his solidarity to Sushant’s case by posting ‘#cbiforssr’ along with the folded hands emoticon.

Now, this has personally gotten a lot of tongues wagging online with people questioning why Varun Dhawan came out the alleged hypocrisy of the situation. People have also been reiterating that over smartness in form wouldn’t work in any celeb’s favour anymore.

Right from openly calling out nepotism within the Bollywood industry, to rejecting films starring no kids, the Indian populace and movie-lovers have shown that when it comes to loyalty, even ardent Bollywood fans will support only the truth.


For instance, how people turned Sadak2 into the most disliked trailer on YouTube within hours of its release. That was done to make a point and send a message to the Hindi film industry that the audience will not be played for fools anymore.