10 Reasons Why Hari Super Sandwich Is An Awesome Place For Foodies in Bengaluru

hari super sandwich

Starting off with a small shop at Jayanagar 2nd Block in 1999, Hari Super Sandwich now has eight outlets across the city. Thanks to the creative and adventurous sandwiches they offer. Whenever you head to their shop in Jayanagar 3rd Block, you might run into the owner, Shivanna, who will welcome you with a wide smile. Named after his son Harish, the business is managed by Shivanna and his sons. They are surely busy with their steadily growing enterprise which pulls in at least 1500 customers on a daily basis. Here’s why Hari Super Sandwich is City’s favorite.

1. Hari Super Sandwich is growing!

It takes a lot for a family run business to spread, and these guys have spread to 8 outlets! This is definitely a result of grit, determination and an unwavering quality. This calls for a visit to your nearest Super Sandwich outlet!


2. Pocket-friendly

Their menu is one of the most reasonable ones in Bengaluru! In fact, with all the friendly prices, there’s so much you could try out with each visit you make here. There’s so much on the menu that you wouldn’t mind coming back for a second or maybe even a fifth time!

Hari Super Sandwich

3. Expand your foodie friends circle!

Their outlets are usually packed when it’s the best time to snack up on a few yummy items. This is all the more reason why you could socialize and make new friends over good food!

4. Creativity at it’s best

With their unconventional take on sandwiches, they have surprised foodies all over Bengaluru. Using their own freshly baked bread to create recipes such as the Chocolate Sandwich, American Sweet Corn Sandwich, and Dahi Toast, they have been as experimental and creative as it can get!


hari super sandwich

5. More than just sandwiches

If you aren’t willing to stop at the sandwiches, you can dig into the chaats, the burgers (at selective outlets) and dishes such as pav bhaji. Their masala puri and dahi puri are worth trying too!

6. Great Service

It takes a lot of patience and determination to keep 1500 people happy each day. It also takes a lot of skill to keep each one of these customers coming back for more. The service here is highly regarded and is nothing short of satisfying. It doesn’t take too long after your order that you’re enjoying your food, and that definitely says something about this eatery.

sandwich in bangalore

7. Getting better with time

Not only do they constantly improvise, but also keep getting better with time. Their variety and taste are exceptional and what’s more, this eatery has helped Bengaluru make tons of memories. Their timelessness and constant improvisation have been the key to their success.


8. The best of the street food

With chaats, burgers, pav bhaji and more, their street food comes at pretty reasonable rates. You can never get enough of their dishes and the way they tickle your taste buds. The way their chats and their sandwiches go hand in hand is simply perfection!

hari super sandwich

9. Perfect for your hog-a-thon!

Conveniently located, pocket-friendly and quickly served – that calls for a hogging competition with your best buddies! Feast on the pani puris and sandwiches and so much more, while you take in the complete experience of this timeless outlet.

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10. Where to find them

With eight outlets already out there, it’s easy to reach them at Malleshwaram, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, and Banashankari. They’re expanding and it won’t be surprising to find one in every corner of the city.

bangalore famous food items

Let’s get going, Bengaluru! Let’s have a great time at Hari Super Sandwich.