Happy Birthday Ravichandran: Throwback To An Interesting Interview Of The Crazy Star

Born on May 30th, 1961, V Ravichandran is one of the few individuals in the Kannada Film Industry who gained fandom with the first movie itself. Later on, the Crazy Star revolutionized many filmmaking trends in the state and managed to establish a strong reputation in Sandalwood.

On the occasion of his birthday, here is a throwback to one of his famous interviews with Ramesh Aravind on Kasthuri TV a few years ago. Here are the excerpts from the interview:


A Proud Back Bencher

Always a back-bencher in school, Ravichandran revealed that he has good memories of spending much of his school-time while standing on the bench.

“Films just happened to me…”

Although not a conscious decision, the ‘Prema Loka’ star said that because of the people he was surrounded by, movies just happened to him.

An interesting incident on the sets of ‘Naa Ninna Mareyalaare’

While a ‘bedroom’ scene was being shot for the movie ‘Naa Ninna Mareyalaare, Ravichandran revealed the funny incident where he and Shivaraj Kumar were thrown out of the sets, as they were teenagers back then.


“Production experience helped me before my first film”

A fact that is not known to many, the Crazy Star said that even before his first movie, he had been involved in the production of many other movies which eventually helped him carve a masterpiece on his debut.

“Have been more sincere to films than my wife”

A man who is known for his love for movies, Ravichandran revealed that throughout his life, he has been more sincere to films than his wife.

“Knew Ekaangi would be a flop…”

Ravichandran said that in his entire career, the one movie he knew would not do good before its release was the film ‘Ekaangi. He further said that no other movie disturbed him more than this film.


“I have lived on loans”

On being questioned as to how he would balance profits and losses in the movie biz., Ravichandran revealed that on most occasions, he has lived on loans and the money borrowed from others.

Remake vs Original

Ravichandran also gave his views about this topic. He said that from a filmmaker’s perspective, they do remakes to survive in the industry.

Source: Kasthuri TV