Happy Birthday Indian James Bond!: 7 facts you did not know about Ajit Doval

There are certain people who make news but there are people who are the reason for the news but do not come into the limelight. The current National Security Advisor of India, Ajit Doval is one such person. Be it the diffusing of the Galwan Crisis, the Uri Attack, or the forming of the new Defence policy of India, Doval is the mastermind behind it all.

Lets us know 7 mind-blowing facts about him!

  1. Son of an Army officer, he started off his career as an IPS officer from the year 1968 working in the Kerala Cadre.
    Ajit Doval is from Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand
  2. Doval went to Pakistan for an undercover mission and lived there as a spy for as long as 7 years. This was one of his most successful missions.

    He mentions his life undercover in Pakistan.
    He told that, once he was coming out of a mosque as he was undercover he changed his appearance and way of wearing clothes so that no one can doubt him. One man sitting at a short distance in a corner with a long white beard called him to have a chat. As soon as he reached him the man said that you are HINDU. Ajit Doval refused and said I am a Muslim. The man took him through 4-5 streets and then into a small room. The white-bearded man once again said that you are a HINDU. Ajit Doval refused and asked why are you asking it repeatedly? The man replied that he (Ajit Doval) has a piercing in his ear which mostly HINDUS prefer not MUSLIMS. Then Ajit Doval said that I was born a Hindu but I converted to Muslim. The man advised him to fill that piercing with plastic surgery. Ajit Doval asked why is he so concerned about him? He replied that he is also a HINDU. To give Ajit Doval proof he opened his cupboard and showed him small statues of Shivaji and Durgaji.

  3. The successful mission before Pakistan includes his mission to the Northeast where Laldenga was the leader of the Mizo National Front (MNF), a secessionist group at war with India. In 1986, a peace accord was signed and he became the Chief Minister. So close was Doval to underground Mizo National Army chief Baikchchunga that Laldenga had to threaten to sack his army chief if he listened to Doval.
    Ajit Doval achievement - Mizo National Front
  4. Doval was able to win 6 out of 7 comrades of Laldenga and forced them to settle for peace.
  5. He was the first Policeman in India to have been honored with Kirti Chakra which is the second-highest gallantry award in India.
    Ajit Doval Kirti Chakra
  6. In 1989 Doval was inside the Golden Temple when the Indian security forces charged in to get the Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale out. What he was doing there and how he went there? Only he knows…
    Ajit Doval in Operation Black Thunder
  7. He is one of those officers to have been revoked from retirement and placed as the fifth National Security Advisor of India.
    Ajit Doval in Pakistan as spyThere is a reason he is called the James Bond of India…