The Legendary Hanumanthu Hotel Of Mysuru Is Now Serving In Namma Bengaluru

hanumanthu hotel in bengaluru

Bengalureans far and wide! There’s no need to think twice before digging into the delicacies of Hotel Hanumanthu anymore. Yes, you read this right. The hotel which has been serving the best of Karnataka’s cuisine has now established an outlet in Namma Bengaluru. We can’t wait to bring to you the reviews of this legendary hotel.

Started in 1930, Hotel Hanumanthu of Mysore has catered to people from various walks of life – from the common man to renowned celebrities including Dr. Rajkumar, Rajinikanth, and even Sudeep! This hotel offered a delicious getaway from the traffic, stress, and boredom of city life.

hotel hanumanthu

A Steaming Hot Plate Of Mutton Pulao

Not only has it built a reputation for itself but it has also never failed to live up to it. The mutton pulao, paaya and keema ball fry are among some of the best dishes this place has to offer. The best pairing of dishes would be a steaming hot plate of mutton pulao and a plate of their pepper chicken fry. The meat cooked here is so soft and tender that it’ll effortlessly transport you to another dimension and back, by the time you’ve licked the plate and your fingers clean!

hanumanthu hotel in bengaluru

Must-Try items at Hanumanthu Hotel 

The menu of Hanumanthu includes Mutton Pulao, Mutton Chops, Leg Soup, Chicken Fry, and every other Non-Veg dish your taste buds are craving for. Everything on their menu is delicious but the best order is pepper chicken fry and mutton pulao. The meat will be so smooth and firm that you can just tease it away from the bone with your two fingers. The lemon Rasam that is served at the end of the meal is something you can’t slurp without making a sound.

Due to the distance from Bengaluru, there are many who’ve had to carefully plan their visit to this piece of paradise, but not anymore. Today, Hotel Hanumanthu opens its newest branch in Rajajinagar, with all its authentic recipes and preparations in town, now! The pricing ensures value for money, and the taste will definitely keep you coming back for more.

hanumanthu hotel in bengaluru

So what are you waiting for, Bengaluru? Get out there and dig in!

Location: Modi Hospital Road, Ahead Of Navarang Signal, Opposite to Kadamba hotel, Rajajinagar.

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