11 Powerful Hanuman Temples in Karnataka With Mysterious Beliefs And Stories Behind

hanuman temples in karnataka

Lord Hanuman also called ‘Vaayu Devaru’ or ‘Prana Devaru’ have some special abodes in Karnataka especially in the northern parts of Karnataka like Bagalakot and Vijayapura districts. The Hanuman temples in the article are extremely powerful owning the real existence of Lord Hanuman which are either self – emerged or established by Gods or great Gurus and philosophers mostly of the Madhwa philosophy. Let’s have a look at the have to know divine abodes of Lord Hanuman.

Yalagureshwera Temple

Popularly known as ‘Speaking Hanumantha’ is extremely powerful and popular throughout the country and dearly called by devotees as ‘Yalagur Hanumappa’. Yalagur is a small village in Muddebihal taluk, Vijayapura district. The temple has an amazing history and the Hanuman idol here is an extremely divine, powerful self-emerged idol.

There is a wonderful tradition carried out at the temple even to this day. When you want to know if your desired endeavors are going to be a fulfilled or no, you are made to sit in front of the Lord and say your endeavors to Lord Hanuman in your mind. If your endeavor is going to be fulfilled then a flower from his idol which is offered sacredly falls to his right and if your endeavor is not going to be fulfilled then a flower on his idol falls to his left. If the flower falls quickly to the right that means your endeavor would be fulfilled very quickly.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Korwaresha Temple

Lord Hanuman at Korwar temple is fondly called as ‘Korwaresha’. The temple is in Korwar, which is located in the Sindagi taluk of Vijayapura district. The Korwareshwara Vigrah is consecrated by Sri 1008 Sri Vadiraj Teerth from Sonde Math in the year 1535. It is said that Lord Korwaresh himself asked to establish the vigraha in this village. The vigraha is like shaligram and it is of 5ft in height. The vigraha is having left hand above the waist and blessing the devotees with the right hand. Every year from Ugadi festival to Hanuma Jayantii special pooja programs will be celebrated in this temple. An extremely mighty Hanuman, who fulfills any desires of all the devotees who offer their prayers and Seva’s to Korwaresha.

Hole Anjaneya Swamy Temple

The Hanuman temple in Maddur of Mandya district on the banks of Simsha river is one of the famous spiritual centers. It is famously known as “Hole Anjaneya Swamy” temple, as it is on the banks of the river (Hole in kannada means river). Lord Hanuman idol here was established and enforced by the Madhwa gurus SriPadaRaja and Vyasaraja and hence finds its importance. The temple was constructed 550 years ago during the period of Vijayanagar kings. The idol is very unique where Lord Hanuman extends his two fingers signifying Dvaita preaching of Madhwacharya, one hand has Sougandikha flower representing Bhima, a bell in the tail and a hair knot.

People nearby say that the height of the idol has increased by 1/2 inch in recent years. Also, people say – a miracle happened during the fest of Ramanavami in 2004 – where even after the temple doors were closed, sounds of bells, shanka, drums and jagate were heard. Later during the year 2011, during Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahana) similar miracle was experienced.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Kantesha Temple, Kadaramandalagi

Kadaramandalagi is a very popular small village in Byadagi taluk of Haveri district. The idol of Sri Hanuman is beautiful with sparkling eyes and wide shoulders giving a dazzling look to the devotees. Hence the God is also called ‘KANTESHA’ (meaning God of Brightness). Several thousands of years ago, Hanuman lived in this village. He once saw the Sun and mistaking it to be a fruit, began flying towards it. Since then, this village was known as Kadara Man Dalagi. Hence the word ‘Kadar’ means ‘rays’, ‘mandala’ is the group or cluster of rays and ‘gi’ means ‘gaminisidavanu’. The glorious bright radiance state of Sri Hanuman has brought the name to the place as Kadaramandalagi.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Bhrantesha Temple, Shikaripura

Bhrantesha is what people dearly call Lord Hanuman here. Bhrantesha temple is one of the attracting and huge tourist flow place at Shikaripura, Shimoga district which is also called the Hucharaya Swamy Temple. Every year the chariot festival of the temple is celebrated on the day of Hanuman Jayanthi grandly followed by the Theppothsava with burning of crackers. There is an estimation that nearly three lakh people visit the temple every year during the festival.

Temple has an interesting history of many hundred years, but it is saddening that no information on the divine history of the temple is available. One astonishing fact is that every year when the chariot is pulled out of the room for the purpose of decorating it for the festival, there will definitely be rainfall.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Shantesha Temple, Satenahalli

The Hanuman idol of Satenahalli is called Shantesha. This is in Ranebennu taluk of Haveri district. The idol here was consecrated by Brahmanye Theertha, the guru of Sri Vyasa Theertha. Sri Hanuman here has the precious saligrama borne on his head to spread to the world the ever eternal and truthful Madhwa philosophy. The temple has a great archaeological structure which might remind us of the belur Halebidu temples and pillars.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Kantesha, Bhrantesha, Shantesha

You must actually be planning your visit to cover Kadarmandalagi-Shikaripura-Satenahalli, which can be covered in a day. Because, Kadaramandalagi “Kantesha”, Shikaripurada “Bhrantesha” and Satenahalli “Shantesha” must be visited on the same day, as that would be equivalent to a Kashi Badari yatra and also that all the desires would be fulfilled when one visits the three Hanuman temples at once which were mainly established in line for the same purpose.

Yantrodharaka Hanumantha Temple, Hampi

At a distance of an approximate 2km from the Virupaksha temple, inside a cave on top of the hill is the amazing Yantrodharaka Hanuman temple which is about 500 years old. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the idol here is installed by Sri Vyasaraja, one of the Dwaita Philosophers.

It is believed that Sri Vyasaraja every day used to draw a picture of the Lord Hanuman on the rocks before he offered his prayers using charcoal and the picture disappeared after the rituals were completed. This incident happened for 12 days in a row until the Guru pleaded to the Lord to appear in front of him. On the twelfth day, Lord Hanuman appeared in front of the Guru and blessed him. It is said that the Lord himself asked Sri Vyasaraja to first constrain him in a hexagonal or a six angled amulet and installed him in that place. This hexagonal constraint is what you see as vighraha at the temple. A legend also says that this was the place where Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman met for the first time.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Tulasigeri Hanuman Temple

Lord Hanuman worshiped in Tulasigeri temple is popularly referred to as Tulsigireshwar. It is located in Tulasigeri village of Bagalkot district. It’s the 11th-century temple, devotees believe that the statue of Hanuman here represents Lord Govinda or Venkateshwara of Tirupati. Many centuries-old Hanuman temple has some beautiful sculptures and excellent architecture. Even to this day hundred’s of devotees come to the temple by walk from Bagalkot and other places especially on Saturdays for special blessings of the Lord. A sit out around the temple in ancient style is still retained in the temple. A Shiva temple, Gopal Krishna temple, and Narasimha temple are also in the temple premise. Tulasigirish is a legendary god for many families in and around Bagalkot.

Achanur Hanuman Temple

Beloved Hanuman at Achanur is fondly praised as ‘Achanur Hanumappa’. Hanuman Temple in Achanur located in Bagalkot district is one of the many temples which forms a chain of seven sacred Hanuman temples located in Bagalkot and Vijayapura districts. It is located on the mounds of Achanur village. The temple located on the hill is absolute bliss to be at!. You would have to climb quite a number of steps to reach the main sanctum. The temple on the hilltop is extremely beautiful along with other temples like Shiva temple, Narasimha Swami temple and many more. We have visitors from all over coming here with their desires as the Lord is said to fulfill all of them irrespective of caste creed and color.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Mulabagilu Anjaneya Swamy Temple

This temple is better known here as Veeranjaneya Temple. The temple is 5000 years old located in the Mulabagilu taluk of Kolar district. As per mythology, during the Mahabharata war, Arjuna one of the Pandavas is said to have worshipped Lord Hanumantha idol which we find here and also established the idol at this place. After the war, Arjuna went on a pilgrimage and established the Anjeneya imaged flag here. (flag hoisted the chariot during the war). Hence the place is also called by the name Shathaka Vatipuri. You can also find a lot of other Gods here. It is said that sage Vashishta had installed the idols of Sri Venkateshwara, Padmavathi Devi, Rama Sita and Lakshmana which you can find in this temple.

hanuman temples in karnataka

Everybody visiting these Hanuman temples is assured to be favored by his divine blessings, also leading to the fulfillment of one’s desires which has been the tradition since ages.

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