Hang Me If I’m Found Responsible For Kashmiri Pandit Exodus: Farooq Abdullah

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah lost his cool when he was asked about the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley. He said he is ready to get hanged if he is found guilty.

Ready to get hanged if found guilty

Following the ‘The Kashmir Files’ row, the Lok Sabha member from Srinagar Farooq Abdullah expressed he is ready to be hanged anywhere in the country if he is found responsible for the incidents in 1990.


“The reality will come out when you put an unbiased judge or committee in place. You will come to know who’s accountable. If Farooq Abdullah is responsible, Farooq Abdullah is ready to be hanged anywhere in the country. I’m willing to stand that trial but don’t condemn people who aren’t responsible,” he said.

When he was questioned about the documents that allegedly put him in the situation where he was responsible for the exodus to some extent, he said “I don’t think I am responsible. If people want to know the bitter truth, they should talk to the Intelligence Bureau chief of the time or Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan who was a central minister at the time.”

The film is dividing people 

Further, Farooq Abdullah said a truth commission of some kind should be put in place to analyze not just what happened to the Kashmiri Pandits but also Sikhs and Muslims in Kashmir in the 1990s. “My MLAs, my small workers, my ministers’-we had to pick their meat from tree-tops. That was the condition,” he said.


Speaking about the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, Abdullah expressed that the film is dividing people instead of bringing them together. He said, “It is boiling the whole nation. If it is not controlled, the country will burn to ashes.”

A reporter asked if he believe the truth would come out, he said, “Yes, the truth will come out,” and refused to say anything further.