Less Crowded yet equally Scintillating, Half Moon Beach is the Secret Beauty of Gokarna

half moon beach

Tit-Bit: Half Moon Beach is a scintillating creation of nature which is less crowded, less popular, yet counted equally one among the amazing beaches of Gokarna.

What’s in: Shaped in a semi-circle, the beach takes the form of a half moon and so is the name. If you want to swim and take some adventurous dive then there is no calmer place than this in the entire Gokarna. This is quite an off-beat one where you don’t find the usual amenities like water sports or holiday resorts. Half moon beach is made for peace-loving people and the evening walk around this beach is a feeling of different level altogether.


Half Moon Beach
Image Credits – Ardizzoni Photography

Things To Do: One can do swimming but dare to go deeper as the currents here are said to be dangerous. It is an amazing place for photographers and Instagram lovers. Sunset looks gorgeous which you cannot afford to miss and the very island blessed with coconut trees and hammocks makes Half moon beach what it is. As there are no options for food and stay, you need to plan for it and leave the place before the dawn.

Half Moon Beach
Image Credits – India Unexplored

Best time to visit: November – January

Nearby Attractions: OM Beach, Mahabaleshwar Temple.


How to get there: The best and the easiest way to reach here is via boats from OM Beach otherwise you have to walk towards the southern end of Om Beach and walk up a narrow trail to Dolphin Cafe. At this point, if you go right, you’ll reach the coast but a left trail can take you through the forest which will also lead to Half-moon beach. The hiking here is bit dangerous and so watch your step.

Half Moon Beach
Image Credits – Sirsi Attractions

Tips and Precautions: Do not swim deeper and avoid hiking back to OM Beach in the night as there are chances of you getting lost in the forest.

Please note – This place is not recommended for a family picnic but if you are a backpacker, wanderer, and an adventurous traveler then Half moon beach will never disappoint you.


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