“Had Foreseen Cyclone Nisarga, But Not During A Pandemic”: Award-Winning Author Amitav Ghosh

The states of Maharashtra and Gujarat are on red-alert, as Cyclone Nisarga is set to hit both these states. Mumbai is also in the path of the cyclone, and surprisingly, it is after 129 years that the happening city will witness a cyclone.

However, in 2016, in his book ‘The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable’, Amitav Ghosh had warned that Mumbai could face a threat of such a cyclone in the near future. In an email interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Amitav Ghosh talks more about his prediction and Mumbai’s impending situation.


Had warned about it a few years ago

Amitav Ghosh reveals that he had talked about the threat a few years ago. Since the message was not being passed on with the right urgency, he had also made a video-story on a family that lives in Worli and their difficulties when a cyclone hits the city.

Although his prediction has come right, Amitav had never expected this to happen during a pandemic. Mumbai is already under stress and a cyclone on top of it would be cruel.

The vulnerabilities of Mumbai

It has to be noted that unlike a New York which is surrounded by islands or a Kolkata which is located several kilometers inland, Mumbai is devoid of any topographical defense. At the same time, Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India, including even having two sea-facing nuclear plants. He added that since Cyclone Nisarga was not that powerful, the city must be grateful right now.


Precautions in the city

Amitav Ghosh also talked about the precautions for the threat in the city. He said that evacuation is one solid plan to reduce the casualty during a cyclone. However, being a densely populated city and a man-made narrow peninsula, the idea of an evacuation is really hard. However, with regards to Cyclone Nisarga, the majority of the vulnerable sections have already left the city due to lockdown.

Source: Mumbai Mirror