Guru Shishyaru Film Review: An Entertaining ‘Kho-Kho’ Drama

Guru Shishyaru

Sports drama is one genre that Sandalwood is far from experimenting with regularly. Even when that is done, there are some unnecessary commercial elements which enter the storyline and dilute the whole point. However, Guru Shishyaru, which hit the screens this Friday, stands out from the group. Directed by Jadesh Kumar Hampi and backed by Tharun Sudhir, the film has Sharan, Nishvika and a slew of experienced and young actors in important roles. B Ajaneesh Loknath is the music director. In the below headings, we take a look at the review of the film.

Guru Shishyaru entertains consistently

One requirement of a sports-drama is to entertain the viewers without indulging too much in the elements of sports. In this regard, weaving comedy into the plot is hard because this could have an impact on the ‘sports’ part of the story. That said, if both click together, the outcome will always be special. This is what happened in the case of Guru Shishyaru.


Thanks to the presence of Sharan, humour is always an element while emotions and romance are also integrated organically into the plot. The film’s core concept of a sports tournament doing good for an entire village is cliched but the makers have given it a special treatment, leading to a fresh experience. Music, performances and other technical departments also lend a good hand to the director’s vision.

A much-needed lift for Kho-Kho

Sharan plays the role of a National Champion in Kho-Kho who fails to get a good job despite doing well in the sport. He lands a PT Teacher’s job at a school through his mentor. He has to train a team based out of the village in the sport to defeat a tough opponent before which he has to address each player’s personal battles and his own conflict with them.

Kho-Kho is a traditional sport that is unfortunately not given its due. It was daring of the makers to pick a sport to whom very few would relate to. Despite that, viewers will engage with the proceedings and this gives a lift to the sport. Sharan’s character arc in itself adds brilliant depth to the makers’ vision of talking about the sport. Overall, Kho-Kho is a game that required such a mainstream film and it is now up to the stakeholders to penetrate the sport further into the youngsters of the nation.