‘Gupta & Daughters’: Netizens Are Lauding This Shop For All The Right Reasons

‘Gupta & Daughters’, a medical shop based out of Ludhiana is earning the praises of netizens for breaking the ‘patriarch’ way of naming companies and shops.

‘XXX’ And Sons is a common sight

In India, despite considerable development in various sections of society, the idea of a male heir carrying forward a family’s legacy is still seen. Several shops in the country still use the ‘And Sons’ suffix on their billboards, irrespective of the fact whether the sons are actually taking care of the business.


While many argue that this is a minor point of debate on the ‘gender-quality’ topic, on the hind side, it is such small things that go a long way in defining the mindset of the people.

Source: Just Dial

Gupta and Daughters

However, a shop based out of Ludhiana has brought a welcome change in this cycle, thereby earning the praise of several users on Twitter. The pharmacy has been named ‘Gupta and Daughters’, thereby destroying the idea of a male heir carrying forward a legacy. Here are some of the reactions found on Twitter:

The name of the shop is going viral on social media, and rightly so. The original user who had posted regarding the topic has got several likes on the post, which suggests that ‘Guptaji and Daughters’ have indeed managed to win over with their welcome change.


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