Gujarat Welcomes 29% Increase In The Population Of Lions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The roar has become louder as Gujarat welcomes 29% increase in the population of lions during this coronavirus pandemic.

Asiatic lions in Gujarat are alive and roaring. The recently concluded ‘poonam avalokan’ or full-moon night observation which replaced Lion Census 2020 due to Covid pandemic in Gujarat has revealed a 29% rise in their population, top sources said.


According to the reports by forest department, the state is now home to 674 lions, a rise of 151 lions from the count of 523 lions in the census conducted in May, 2015. The figure was noted at a total of 284 lions in 1990, followed by 304 in 1995, 327 in 2001, 359 in 2005, 411 in 2010, 523 in 2015 , and now the highest in 2020 with 674 lions.


Rajiv Gupta, additional chief secretary, forest and environment, contacted to reveal the exact number of lions but indicated that lion growth was indeed robust.

“Lions have recorded a healthy growth in population due to effective conservation and management efforts by the state government with support from the centre, said Mr. Gupta.” He added that the forest department had successfully curbed the canine distemper virus (CVD) outbreak in 2018