Gujarat Village Erupts In Protests After 19-Year-Old Was Gang-Raped And Hanged

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A horrifying incident from north Gujarat has socked the country where a 19-year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped, gang-raped and murdered before her body was found hanging from a tree to make it look like a suicide.

A horrifying incident from Gujarat 

According to the report, the four accused had allegedly kidnapped the victim, gang-raped her before murdering her. After killing the victim, the accused hanged the body from the tree to make it look like a suicide.


The 19-year-old girl had gone missing on December 31, 2019, after which her family rushed to the police on January 3 to lodge an FIR but the local police ignored.

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“When she went missing, her father went to file a complaint, but the police did not accept it. They did not file the rape FIR till two days after the body was found,” said the girl’s aunt.

It is said that the victim had gone to Modasa with her sister but didn’t return. Later, the sister reported that an unknown man lifted the girl on to his car and asked her to keep tight-lipped about it. The CCTV footage of a cooperative running mill confirmed this claim.


The irresponsible police 

According to the report, local police inspector NL Rabri told the family that the girl was safe and had fled with a boy of the same community and both had got married, so no case was needed to be lodged.

On 5 January, a priest in the village informed about a girl hanging from the tree who was later identified by the girl’s grandfather. The victim’s family refused to accept the body, arguing that it was a murder and not a suicide.

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It was then the police registered an FIR on Tuesday and eventually, the family agreed to take away the body, after which the body was sent for postmortem at the Ahmedabad civil hospital.


Several activists have also demanded the arrest of the accused in the matter. “We have two demands. The perpetrators of this horrific crime should be arrested and the police inspector should be suspended for his actions. Only then will the family accept the body,” said Kirti Rathod, a Dalit activist.