Gujarat Constable Forced To Quit After She Stopped Minister’s Son For Breaking Lockdown Rules

A video of a Gujarat state policewoman constable standing her ground against pressure has gone viral on social media. The video has been doing the rounds because the constable stood by her morals and duty as a cop.

In the viral video, Sunita Yadav, a constable who was posted in the city of Surat, is seen in an argument with a minister of the state of health Kishore Kanani’s son Prakash for breaking the norms of the lockdown. She confronted him for not wearing a mask at her checkpoint. As per the report in the Indian Express, Sunita snatched the keys of the car as the argument intensified. One of them in the car called up the minister’s son who reached the spot.


The man who claimed to be the son of Kishore Kanani, the ministry state of health of Gujarat, was asked why did he step out of the house during the curfew. He was seen answering that he came to help his friend. Following that, Sunita is also seen in the video making the man remove the banner of the MLA Gujarat banner from the car.

‘Lady Singham’

The group of young men in the video had violated the curfew rule as they stepped outpost 10.00 pm. As Sunita confronted the MLA’s son, he allegedly said that he is the son of the MLA and he can make her stand here for 365 days. Replying to him, she shouted back saying she is not their slave or servant that he can make her stand there for 365 days.

Sunita Yadav (1)

Soon after the video went viral, people couldn’t stop themselves from applauding her to stand against the power. She was also referred to as Lady Singham. The Indian Police Foundation’s official twitter handle tweeted the video and wrote,


“Every police officer takes an oath of allegiance to the constitution of India, swearing to enforce the law strictly, without fear or favor. When a policewoman discharges her duty with dignity, it is the duty of her supervisors to stand with her.”


Source: India Times