10 Simple and Effective Ways to Optimize and Grow your Beard Faster

Grow your Beard Faster

Humans are social animals. You make an impression in less than seven seconds. You must have heard the proverb, “The first impression is the best impression.” Your face can speak volumes about your status, personality, and character. There is another popular one – “Face is the index of the mind.” So, in a party or social gathering, it is your face that makes the most impact. And there are various fashion trends for men and women. While women experiment with their hair, lips, and eyebrows, for men it is the mustache and beard. Of late, facial fringe was the recent trend in 2017 and it seems the same will continue through 2018. But the question remains, “is growing the beard the new fashion for men everywhere in the globe?”. As of now, it is a big YES. In this article, let us help you follow the trend. In fact, you get valuable information on the 10 ways to optimize and grow your beard faster.

Agreed, the beard has become the fashion. Even in Bangalore, you find young men between the ages of 21 to 28, sporting trendy beards every other week. So, if you are one or a teenager having an elder brother, you are synonymous with the written words, aren’t you?


Grow your Beard Faster

So, you show off your big two-month beard one week, and a trimmed beard the next week. The third week of the month, you shave for a goatee beard. The fourth week, how about sideburn? In short, you have no qualms about using the facial beard hair as a fashion accessory. In 2018, it is the proper groomed and trimmed beard or a stubble beard that has become the norm. But still, a variety of beard styles is in vogue all over the world. Enough of introduction. Now, let us get down to business why you came to this website page in the first place. With your permission, will we now go for the methods to grow the beard in a faster mode?

ways to optiize beard

10 Ways To Optimize And Grow Your Beard Faster

In the ancient ages, having a beard was a symbol of experience and bravery. But is it so easy to grow a beard? No. At least for some in the teenage category. Growing the beard as per your whims and fancies need patience and perseverance. The growth rate of the beard will depend on two factors. Genetics and personal testosterone levels. Let us go into the details one by one. Will we first look into the question?

How much time will it take to grow the beard?

Have you touched the age of puberty? Then, because of hormonal changes, the facial hair follicles appear on the face. The GOLDEN TIME starts in your life from that moment. The growth of a beard and mustache. The symbol that you are going to be a man. But not all teenagers and men will be able to have a full beard.


grow your beard faster

There are two hormones responsible for a healthy beard. Name – testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The former is needed for defining the thickness of your beard. Then the latter relates to the density. Very rarely, you find anyone with a little amount of facial hair on their face, even after they have crossed the age of 25. The reason is because of the low level of the two hormones to stimulate the growth of hair (beards).

Do you want to grow the beard faster?

The growth rate of the beard is not the same for every teenager. And to add to the confusion, your family elders have, in very strict terms, told you not to shave. In your friend’s circle, you get advice, “Ya, we faced the same type of problem. But I took my father’s shaving kit and did give the facial parts a service. The beard appeared and healthy.” When you told the same to your father, you no doubt got a rebuke. Your father pointed at his face and said, “Look, son, I followed the same advice. See how rough my face has become. Follow my advice. Have patience.

beard tips for men

The beard will grow on its own.” Ha! Some elders never know about the problems and the challenges faced to remain in the GROUP. When will they understand, these elders? In the teenage years, mustache and beards become a sign of identity for masculinity. So, being a dutiful son, you did not shave. But you searched on the internet for ways to grow your beard faster and landed on this web page. Good job. Now read the easy and simple, natural tips given in the article, and you may achieve the goal faster.


Are you a male on the verge of growing of beard for Diwali this year as per the fashion trend? Good Luck. It is never too late. The trend hopes to continue into the 2020s with modifications in styles.

1. Take Care of Your Health

Now, do you wonder how is it related? Health and the beard? But medical science has proved a healthy body is necessary for the growth of your facial hair.

You can make a start by consuming foods rich in proteins such as eggs, fish, and beans. Do not let stress come to you, or it will become the major factor for hair loss, both on the scalp and on the skin. To ward off stress, exercise and get a full eight-hour sleep. Benefits – exercise will help enhance the blood circulation in the body. Another benefit – it will promote facial hair growth.


how to grow beard

2. Food

Now, you get excited after reading the title. At a time, when the cities of the world are synonymous with pizzas and burgers, you expect them to be on the list. No. We have focused only on natural foods.

Fruit: Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries, Grapes.

Green: Cabbage, Collards, Spinach, Broccoli.

Protein: Poultry, Chicken, Fish, and Milk.


Nuts / Seeds: Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews, and Hazelnuts.

Grow your Beard Faster

You can also include papayas, watermelons, pumpkins, pomegranate, kiwis. In nuts and seeds, do not forget to include flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and pistachios as a regular part of the diet.

3. Be Patient, But Stay Committed

One of the main reasons, why teenagers and some adults find it difficult to grow a beard is that they give up too soon. If the beard is growing for the first time, definitely you can face problems such as itchiness. You may end up scratching the beard day and night. Usually, the discomfort will be more for teenagers who are not serious about the idea of having a beard. They take a razor and shave it off. As per hair experts, it is mandatory to allow the time of four weeks to have the hair grow. Relax and stay committed to the idea of growing the beard. In the third week, the hairs will become very soft and itchy feeling will reduce drastically. The fourth week, you can enjoy the growth of your beard.

Grow your Beard Faster

For males who already have beards, and need a design of their type, it is better to exercise patience. If you want a one with design, you should wait for the growth of massive beard. And then make it a decorative item on the face with a design.

4. Leave The Beard Alone

Now the title and the content that you find below calls for patience. And more patience.


During the first month, the growth of beard can happen in its own way. There are times when the growth can happen on one side of the face, or only in the chin. So, if you are a teenager do not trim the beard. Nor give it a shape to show to the public. Never cut the hairs on the beard because only one facial side has grown. They will grow faster when left alone. But follow the promise and commitment. Exercise well, sleep as per the needs of your body, consume healthy food. In movies and films, the villain or the hero often strokes the beard before having an idea. But regular stroking of the beard is harmful.

5. Stay Hydrated

Doctors recommend an adult/teenager to consume at least three liters of water per day. But you neglect consumption of water. Reason – busy college schedule or office work. Water is also essential for the entire health of your body. If the water quantity in the body is insufficient, the growth of beard will be slow. You can consume the right amount of food, but it is the blood that takes oxygen to all the parts of the body. And blood needs water. The cells need energy and water for repair and regeneration. Without water, your face will have a rough, dry beard.

beard tips for men

6. Stop Smoking

In every cigarette pack, there is a statement, “Smoking is injurious to health.” The companies print the statement and you have to fend for yourself. Are you an individual who smokes? Medical science, till date, has not come across facts about smoking affecting hair. But the reports have drawn few conclusions as mentioned below.

Grow your Beard Faster

Smoking definitely affects the beard. Do you smoke few cigarettes a day? The facial part of beard becomes prone to improper circulation of blood. The result may be a slow growth of the beard. Do you face problems in digestion after a smoke? Then it means the act prevents vitamins, minerals, and other constituents in the food to make a positive impact on the body. In turn, your growth of beard will be slow. The worst part, if you smoke cigarettes by the dozen, your beard will turn grey in a very short time.

7. Proper Attention To Optimize And Grow Your Beard Faster

Keeping the skin as well beard healthy, amounts to part of your daily routine. With proper care, the beard will not only give a special look to the face, it can also grow faster. You have many beard oils by the dozen in the market. As per medical science, it is advisable to go for the beard oil with eucalyptus as the main constituent.

Grow your Beard Faster

When you go for the oil, also take into account the conditioner and shampoo. The best way to nurture the beard is to wash with a shampoo. Style experts recommend the use of shampoos containing tea tree oil content. Because it removes oil build-ups, dead skin and prevents the growth of dandruff.

Now make use of the conditioner. The combination makes the hair healthier, softer and helps the beard grow faster.

8. Exfoliate The Skin/Beard

Massaging the beard area can enhance the blood circulation. A clean and tidy face will promote the growth of hair on the chin. So, make use of an exfoliant (sugar and honey) for removing the dead cells on the surface. This combination will help rejuvenate the cells and promote the growth of new hair.

9. Wash Your Face

Every time, after you come home, rinse the face with cool water and make use of a herbal soap for keeping the dirt away. Do not use heavy detergents or your face will look dehydrated (in fact, like a ghost).

Grow your Beard Faster

10. Ingrown Hairs

Do you find hair growing in patches on the face? Do you have curly hair? Then the main reason can be ingrown hairs. For the teenagers, when they get the first round of hairs on the face, it is advisable to avoid a shave for the initial four weeks. The reason, the hair is curly; razor will make the remnant hair to be sharp. Already in the shape of a curve, the sharp hair can grow inside the skin, resulting in ingrown hairs.

For adults, the reason could a clogged hair follicle that can make the hair to grow sideways instead of the perpendicular direction. Then the sharp edges of the hair will penetrate and grow beneath the skin.

Grow your Beard Faster

A beard is a sign of masculinity. Having a beard gives a sense of pride to you, as the teenager. The main reason, how to grow the beard fast is one among the many searched words on google or yahoo or bing. At present, it is the trimmed beard making the rounds. Men and teenagers are going out of their way to maintain their beard soft and groomed. The reasons – for the other gender. A trimmed beard gives the males a definitive edge in the workplaces and makes them feel better. Can you imagine, David Beckham devoid of his stamp beard? No? Then the fashion is here to stay.

It does not matter, that you are a teenager or someone in his prime, the factor needed to grow a beard of your style is patience with proper care. Do not fall into depression if the beard does not grow faster, just follow the simple ways given in this article.

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