Groufie Movie Review: A Moderately Entertaining Tale That Has Its Moments

Directed by Ravi Arjun and produced by KG Swamy, Groufie is a Kannada thriller that hit the screens on 20th August. Centred around a ‘selfie disaster’, the film opened to decent reviews across the state.

What is Groufie all about?

Groufie can be said as the term when a group captures its photo from the front. The critical plot point of this movie is based on this. The protagonist is a photojournalist who gets on an adventurous trip to Western Ghats with a group of friends. What happens next forms the crux of the plot.


Picturesque locales make for a good watch

The film is set in interior Karnataka in the Western Ghats region. This happens to be one of the plus points of the film as the plot travels alongside the surroundings. Credit must be also given to the makers for bringing the plot into the story of the film.

Groufie is a thriller that has its moments

There is a surprise in the finishing parts of the film and the buildup to that has been brought out well. That said, the movie becomes predictable at the start which somewhat reduces the fizz. Had the director managed to avoid it, the film would have hit the mark. Nevertheless, the attempt is a good one and deserves merit by the Kannada film fans.