15 Great Reasons To Move To Dubai And The UAE

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Dubai is a place of superlatives; the world’s tallest building, the largest tin of caviar, biggest shopping mall, and all other shinier attractions that are built carefully keeping a perfect balance of Arab tradition and westernization. Dubai or the entire UAE has a sinister allure attached to their reputation. Glorious business centers, several 7-star hotels, endless employment opportunities, and a history that forces to believe the present, is what the entire UAE can be applauded for. From 1999, Dubai has performed phenomenally in its contribution to the world’s economy; this rapid development has created expat opportunities with a promise of profit.

Dubai tourism and Dubai properties have both played an integral role in uplifting the Gulf immigration which consequently makes the UAE a perfect place to move. If you are thinking of moving to the UAE, then here are ten great reasons that will help you take a final decision.

15 Great reasons why you should move to Dubai and the UAE

1. Multicultural society, Rules, Crime rate, and Discipline

The best part of Dubai is that it has rules, which applies to everyone and unlike many other cities, people here follow them. If you browse the history of crime in Dubai, the list is very small which is commendable. UAE is a diverse and multicultural place; people here come from all walks of life and celebrate luxury in the version of UAE. Crime stays on an all-time low, people are welcoming, rules are appreciated, and residential discipline is great, this makes Dubai or any other part of UAE a perfect spot to settle.


2. The Economy

Every city is known for its economic value and UAE has accomplished that rapidly as compared to the other economically significant cities of the world. In 2018, the UAE Gross Domestic Product was 432.61 Billion USD, which makes it easier to guess that UAE will overrun a handful of high-end cities in the coming years. All this has been possible as UAE values innovation sincerely and has brought the best possible use of technology as compared to the other cities of the world. The Government of UAE has strong, steady and tractable attention towards their strategic plans further opening employment and investment gateways.


3. The number of zeros in Salary

This goes without saying, the number game in UAE is unsurprisingly great. As compared to other Asian countries, expats working in UAE earn higher and live socially and economically well which is strong bidding in terms of immigration opportunities.


4. Bigger and Better houses as compared to those back at home

Without a doubt, Dubai Properties and rental accommodations are far more budgeted than the ones in New York, Aukland, London, or any other European or Western city. The properties here are bigger, roomier, and incorporates far more facilities than other mid-range housing projects in western countries. You have a servant quarter and a spacious study, that is rare to locate in average 2 to 3-BHK apartments in Western countries.

For a two bedroom apartment in Dubai, the average rental cost can range to AED 100,000 to AED 140,000 annually. Translate that into your home currency and see the significant drop in rents as compared to other significant cities of the Western hemisphere.


5. Girls, it is safe

In Dubai or any other city of UAE, you will never hear any incident of home invasions or break-ins. According to a leading website, the average percentage of safety while walking alone during night time is 85.08% which is a record high, and no other city in the world promises that kind of percentage. There have been no cases of hate crime, or racism reported by any magazine or newspaper in the past years. As long as you are following their rules, and paying attention to laws, you can live happily and safely in Dubai.


6. Outdoor activities all year round

Dubai or any part of UAE is known to have a year-round summer climate, only a few months of the years are more summery. Say yes to any-time barbecues in the back-yard, large pool parties, or a moody dip in the sea; the climate of Dubai supports.

The only challenge in the climate of UAE is to manage the humidity and uncalled dusty storms. Make sure you have your sunglasses and scarfs handy, as the desert city is known for its eventful and sudden sandstorms. However, this does not limit any outdoor sessions, since Dubai is a planned city and has adopted all precautions suitable for any climatic situation. Rugby, Football, Basketball? Say Why not?


7. The Glamour of Glamours

It is hard to miss mention the most attractive part of Dubai, i.e., its glamour. Fashion outlets, continuous celebrity crowd, glamorous 7-star hotels (that are affordable), bigger shopping malls, the polo, stand out jewelry brands, spice markets and what not, Dubai has a glamorous quotient to everything. However, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and other UAE cities are slowly coming up in pace with Dubai, but still, all of UAE stays supreme in its majestic glamour.


8. Say hello to a tax-free lifestyle

You can read that twice; Dubai offers tax-free salaries to every resident of the city which makes it a number one choice in terms of permanent residency options. Not only the salaries go untaxed, restaurants, food, and all other goods also go untaxed as well. People living in Dubai, save tons of money like this and can supplement their money favorable to their interests.


9. An immersion of culture and work ethics

Culture is by the people, and UAE has a majority of the population that is rigid in its mindset. Laws are strict, policies are strong, and the implementation of rules are aggressively fast. There is no moral police in UAE, but complaints are usually issued by the native people, which are taken seriously, that is in case if they come across a culture fallout. For some people, this can be considered as a turn-off but it is nice to have some rules in place and some disciplines to follow.


10. An Amazing Financial Performance

Social and political stability, regulations, free trade zones, private sector involvement, and other elements have greatly contributed to steady UAE economic growth. UAE ‘s economic evolution is well documented which also validates the continuous immigrant attraction. There is a whole 3% increase in UAE’s GDP from 2016 which directly stresses on immigration opportunities. A slight aggressive hunt of opportunities can land you a permanent job role in UAE.


11. The Lavish grandeur of ultra-buildings

UAE is a strong example when it comes to unthinkable accomplishments in terms of infrastructure solely. A beach in the middle of the desert is no more a mirage. Man-made beaches, infrastructure euphorias like Jumeirah Palm Hotel, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa are perfect examples of technological advents.


12. Dubai’s knack for original stuff

Dubai people are obsessed with original stuff. They launch special festivals or events where they give a chance to every artist or owner from any country of the world to showcase their craft. Global Village is one place to visit, and World Art is also a festival to mark your presence in.


13. Most advanced city planning

Remember some used to say, that in the middle of a desert, only mirages appear which are never true often give an illusion what one wants to see. Dubai technologically reversed the myth and did create a beautiful illusion that is unbelievably breathtaking and resourcefully sufficient. Dubai or any other UAE city has managed to build an extravagant city in the middle of the desert and within limited resources, all possible with the use of extreme technology.

Nearly every UAE city is built as a sustainable city which harnesses all the energy from the sun. This forces us to say, limited resources, no problem, we will make the Sun our friend.


14. Easy parking, registrations, and bookings

Parking is an obligatory curse; Dubai turned the practical parking dilemma upside down with its technological majors. You don’t need to wait in a line for registration, parking, and bookings as you can do it instantly using the internet. Uber entered Dubai late, as the city already had an application that can be used to book a taxi. That’s smart.


15. In-demand job roles

According to the Gulf recruitment trend, and thanks to the digital transformation and diversification in the country, there are numerous on-demand job roles that promise significant salaries to immigrants. Here’s a peek:


Top In-demand roles for 2019 and their predicted starting salaries:

• Tax managers (large company): $92,000 – $141,000
• Financial planning and analysis directors (large): $164,500 – $238,200
• Credit controllers (small company): $52,200 – $65,500
• Project/program managers: $98,100-$163,500
• Business systems analysts: $56,600 – $100,900
• Application developers: $52,300 – $121,000
• Compliance Officers: $58,900 – $91,600
• Anti-Money Laundering Specialists: $68,700 – $122,600
• M&A Associates: $114,600 – $192,100
• Head of HR: $114,400 – $128,500
• HR Business Partner: $ 78,700 – $ 81,700
• Executive Assistants: $ 53,000 – $ 58,900

Final Words: The entire UAE has advanced a bull speed which is promising to the generations to come. Moving to this deserted paradise will prove to be beneficial in several ways in the years to come. Take a chance, fix a budget and move to this luxurious corner; it will be worth it.



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