Great Initiative: Water Breaks Will Be Given In Schools For Students To Drink Water

source: toi

Students in the schools will hear a bell ring following which they have to drink water as a healthy alarm. After Kerala, Karnatak becomes the second state to bring this initiative in the interest of children’s health. State Department of primary and secondary education has decided to ring the “water bell” thrice in the schools soon.

Water breaks in schools 

Implementing water breaks in the government schools, the education board has decided to ring a bell following which the students can take a sip in class, not once but thrice in a day.


The idea was given importance from the fact that more and more people were falling sick due to less water intake. State’ s Education Minister Suresh Kumar has instructed the commissioner for public instruction to take necessary measures in this regard.

source: toi

“I happened to see the initiative on social media. It’s a great program that can be implemented. I have directed the commissioner of public instruction to formulate a program for our children too, where they can drink water three or four times a day to stay hydrated. While we ensure it is implemented in all places, we need to chart out a plan,” said Suresh Kumar.

Healthy habits for students 

As per the scheme implemented in Kerala schools, the first bell rings at around 10.35 am the second bell at noon and the third at 2 pm. The duration of the water break is 15 to 20 minutes.


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“Ideally, a child should get 100ml water per kg of their body weight. In summer months and after games, the requirement is increased. However, most of the time, our children do not drink sufficient amount of water, which will now be taken care of. At the same time, the government should ensure portable drinking water is available for all children,” said Dr. SM Prasad, professor of pediatrics at Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical College.

The Chief Minister also twitter regarding this program. He tweeted, “Drinking plenty of water is essential for children as it helps to have a healthy living. Our government has taken a good step in this regard.”