8 Reasons Why Google has Suspended the Local Listings

8 Reasons Google has suspended local listings

Did you open your ‘Google My Business forum’ and saw an angry large red banner saying “suspended” at the top of the page? Don’t panic. When you do something that is against the practice of Google, your page might get suspended. The forum Google My Business has a long list of things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your business running. So, the first step after seeing that banner would be to figure out what you did?

You can check the important facts around suspensions stated by the Internet Marketing Company.

Google doesn’t list the reasons for the suspension of local listings but below are the 8 reasons due to which Google may suspend your local listings as mentioned by experts at W3clicks.

1. The URL of your website gets forwarded to the different domain

Last year, various businesses local listing got suspended after which Google confirmed publicly that the reason behind this was that the website URL was taking the user to a different domain which is something it doesn’t allow. The guideline clearly states that “You aren’t allowed to have phone numbers or URLs that keeps redirecting a user to the landing pages.”

2. Adding extra keywords in the business name field

The Google Guideline states that “You can’t add unnecessary details to your business names such as tagline or phone number or address, direction or product details etc.” Including such things will get definitely get you suspended.

3. The business is service area related and you didn’t hide your address

Google’s guideline on service-area business states that “You should show the address only when the customer asks or show up at your business address.” It’s important for such business to have a local listing as non-verified listings can get removed with all the photos and reviews.

4. The same business have multiple verified listings

“Don’t use a single account or multiple accounts to create more than one page for every location of the business.” Breaking this guideline will often get every page and listing suspended. The original listing always gets un-verified while duplicates get suspended.

5. The business is of sensitive nature or not permitted on Google plus

This is a new rule that just came into observation. Some business local listing was suspended due to their sensitive nature and also goggles plus didn’t allow that business type to have a listing.

6. You have a lifting at a virtual office or mailbox

Google says: don’t have a listing for a temporary “virtual” office which is at a different office than the primary office until it has staff working at normal business hours.
Businesses usually list their virtual offices so that they have good ranking in different towns and not just in the one they have an office in. But doing this is very risky as when and if Google catches them, they will be suspended.

7. Your online business has a listing but it has no storefront

The first rule of business is that it must have in-person contact with the customers but online businesses can’t do that. So for them, the guideline says that instead of a local page they have to make a Google Plus brand page. Not doing this will be lead to the removal of their listing completely.

8. Your business runs in a building that is not owned by you

The guideline clearly states that- Illegal business includes: an ongoing class, service, or meeting at a location that you don’t own or have authority to represent.
Like if you have a dance class going in the basement of a gym, it won’t get Google listing.

These are the top reason that we observed that made businesses lose their local listing if you come across any other reason not listed above, do let us know.

Author bio:  Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out at www.princekapoor.com



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