Google CEO Declines Huge Amount From Google, Raising Career Questions

Pichai Sundararajan or Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American business executive and the chief executive officer of Google LLC. Pichai has been one of the world’s highest-paid corporate executive for years. Now it looks the highest paid CEO has declined a big amount from Google, Saying He’s Getting Paid Enough already.

Turning down the big grant of restricted stock

The 46-year-old took over as the Google CEO in 2015 has turned down a big grant of restricted stock last year because he felt that he was already being paid generously.


So it is natural for his salary check’s to get thicker every year, especially given how involved he has been in guiding Google at a challenging time – Google getting fine in anti-trust violations in the European Union, Congressional hearings in the US and Google workers protesting over a US military project and over developing a censored version of its search engine for China among others – to name a few. But the Google CEO has received no stock award in over two years.

Google employee’s questioning on Pichai’s payout

Now, it is been unclear on how much stock awards he turned down in the past two years but another big payday on top of the stock awards he has already received could have sparked a row, especially since at a staff meeting earlier this year, a Google employee questioned why the CEO was receiving such a massive payout when a number of lower-level workers were struggling to make ends meet in Silicon Valley.

It’s been reported that the board of Google parent Alphabet Inc. will meet later this year to revise Pichai’s salary. Until then, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see Pichai in the list of “Most Reputable CEO” anytime soon. There have been speculations as to what lies ahead for Pichai now. However, both Google and Pichai have not hinted towards him leaving the company and moving on any time soon.


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