Good News For Karnataka: After SC’s Push, Centre Issues Notification On Mahadayi Water Dispute

source: theeconomictimes

The Union government issued a Gazzette notification on the dispute over water-sharing of the Mahadayi River between the state of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharastra. The announcement asked to complete the tribunal’s August 2018 judgment which allocated 13.42 Tmc of water from the river to Karnataka.

Good news for Karnataka 

With this, Karnataka has been permitted to divert water at the proposed Bhandura and Kalasa Dam, with agreed terms. The state government has sought the release of 7.56 thousand million cubics (TMC) feet water from the Mahadayi River for its Kalasa-Badipura Nala project, reported ANI.

Since the tribunal’s decision in August 2018, the Goa and Maharashtra state governments requested the Supreme Court with a petition challenging the decision while Karnataka registered a petition seeking directions to the central government to issue notification.

source: theeconomictimes

The Mahadayi river basin

With the designated 13.42 tmc, 5.5 tmc is set apart for use within the river basin and diversion to the Malaprabha reservoir while 7.9 tmc is for generating power.

source: theeconomictimes

So as per the notification, Maharastra has been permitted to utilize 37.73 Mcum (1.33 tmc) of Mahadayi water which shall be inclusive of all consumptive uses including reservoir and other losses.

The Mahadayi river path drains an area of 2032 sq km, out of which an area of 375 sq km lies in Karnataka, 77 sq km lies in Maharashtra and the rest in Goa.



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