#GodiMediaShutUp Trends on Twitter

Godi Media
Courtesy: Quartz

Outraged Indians on Twitter took to the social media platform to express their anger against the media over its biased reportage for a long time. The twitter storm that was scheduled at 5 pm saw a staggering 19,000 tweets carrying the #GodiMediaShutUp.

The Political community on Twitter has long been divided on the reportage of various media houses. While both sides acknowledge the media to be the fourth pillar of democracy, they are divided on their lineage and prejudices. Each side has accused media houses to be complacent of reporting misinformation that plays to a section of the community.


The phrase ‘Godi Media’ is often referred to as the media houses that is accused of being biased towards the ruling government and thereby being the propaganda machineries of the government. The outrage stems from the fact that most of the media houses found themselves to be ‘Islamaphobic’ and doing opinion-based journalism. The Godi Media jokes have been going on for a while on Twitter but the community chose today to voice their outrage.

A Twitter user spoke on the nomination of former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi’s to Rajya Sabha by comparing it to the fate of the ‘loyal’ Judge Loya.



Calling out the apparent ‘Islamaphobia’ on the recent telecast of Zee News, a Twitter user condemned it to spread fake news and running a flow chart on ‘types of Jihad.’


A Twitter account that goes by the name @ModiNightmare put out an illustrated image showcasing the Islamaphobic nature of the media.


There were some outright mocking tweets directed towards journalists.

Other users called out the hypocrisy celebrities who earlier criticized the Manmohan Singh government for the fall of rupee and now are silent over it.

Here are other tweets:


The media wars are not a new thing in India. With Social Media giving a medium for the common man to make his voice heard, the amplification of the polarization is huge. While the current generation of Indians recognizes the importance of media and its duties, the media is expected to live up to the standards of the foreign media which has always been a bar to measure journalism standards.